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Brandon Webb allowed two runs on just three hits over six innings for the win.  (Al Behrman/AP)

Opening Day Lineups

  1. CF Chris Young
  2. 2B Orlando Hudson
  3. LF Eric Byrnes
  4. 1B Conor Jackson
  5. C Chris Snyder
  6. 3B Mark Reynolds
  7. SS Stephen Drew
  8. RF Justin Upton
  9. P Brandon Webb
  1. CF Corey Patterson
  2. SS Jeff Keppinger
  3. RF Ken Griffey Jr.
  4. 2B Brandon Phillips
  5. LF Adam Dunn
  6. 3B Edwin Encarnacion
  7. 1B Scott Hatteberg
  8. C Javier Valentin
  9. P Aaron Harang

Chris Young and Eric Byrnes homered in the third inning and Jeff Salazar went deep in the seventh to give Brandon Webb plenty of support in today's season-opening 4-2 victory over the Reds at Great American Ball Park.   More >


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