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Rich Harden struck out nine Red Sox over six strong innings. (Junko Kimura/Getty Images)


Eye-opening, rewarding trip for Sox
It was a trip that was both eye-opening and rewarding for the Red Sox, but also one that doesn't leave much time for reflection. More >

Fond memories for A's
The A's went into Opening Series Japan 2008 knowing they were in for a host of unforgettable experiences, and they weren't disappointed in the slightest.  More >

The A's got a sharp start from righty Rich Harden and a three-run homer from Emil Brown on their way to a 5-1 win over the Red Sox, earning a split of the Opening Series in Tokyo. Wrap >


Time ET Game Multimedia
3/21 11:05 PM BOS 6, HAN 5      
3/22 6:05 AM OAK 4, YOM 3      
3/22 11:05 PM OAK 10, HAN 2      
3/23 6:05 AM BOS 9, YOM 2      
3/25 6:05 AM BOS 6, OAK 5      
3/26 6:05 AM OAK 5, BOS 1      
Exhibition | Regular Season


Game 2 wrapup
Peter McCarthy and Noah Coslov look at Oakland's victory, highlighted by a dominant start by Rich Harden.  400K

Life is Rich
Rich Harden powered his way through the vaunted Red Sox lineup on the way to six innings of three-hit work with nine strikeouts.  400K

  • Buchholz's view of Tokyo
  • Brown delivers for A's
  • Emil Brown postgame
  • Geren, Harden, Brown postgame
  • Hannahan's diving catch
  • Denorfia's RBI single
  • Game 1 wrapup
  • Season opener highlights
  • Moss postgame
  • Manny postgame
  • Francona, Matsuzaka postgame
  • Manny puts Sox on top
  • Moss' HR ties it
  • Papelbon's first save of '08
  • Okajima earns win
  • Ellsbury's leaping catch
  • Dice-K's outing
  • Blanton's outing
  • Hannahan's two-run homer
  • Oakland's second run
  • Ellis' homer
  • Photos

    View photos of Wednesday's game at Tokyo Dome. Gallery