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Palmeiro: 500

Palmeiro joins exclusive 500 HR club

Welcome to the 500 Home Run Club, Rafael Palmeiro. With a seventh-inning, two-out blast off the Indians' Dave Elder on May 11, 2003, the Texas Rangers slugger became the 19th player in the history of Major League Baseball to hit at least 500 home runs. More >

500th home run:  56K | 300K | Audio
Interview with Palmeiro after the homer
500 club: youngest, fastest, most likely to join
Palmeiro: 500


Palmeiro's favorite pitchers
Top 10
Bobby Witt... 7
Brad Radke ... 6
Chuck Finley ... 5
Jim Abbott ... 4
Mark Langston ... 4
Orlando Hernandez ... 4
Luke Prokopec ... 4
Kevin Tapani ... 4
Bill Gullickson... 4
Kenny Rogers ... 4
Wilson Alvarez ... 4
Andy Pettitte ... 4
Cy Young winners
Roger Clemens ... 3
David Cone ... 2
Doug Drabek ... 2
Dwight Gooden ... 3
Orel Hershiser ... 1
Jack McDowell ... 2
Mike Scott ... 1
Rick Sutcliffe ...2
Bob Welch ... 3
Barry Zito ... 2
Brother Combination
Livan Hernandez ... 2
Melido Perez ... 1
Orlando Hernandez ... 4
Pascual Perez ... 1
Complete list of Raffy's homers, Nos. 1-500 >
  Editorial Lineup - Rafael Palmeiro - 500 HR

Palmeiro's thoughts on 500
It's a special moment for everybody, and especially for my family who has been there through the years supporting me. More >

No. 500 a thing of beauty
The swing was pure, the contact effortless, the flight majestic, like so many before. More >

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 • Elder earns dubious spot in history
 • Players, managers give props to Palmeiro
 • Quiet Palmeiro speaks with his bat
 • Raffy's swing came naturally
 • Urban: Appreciating Raffy


No. 500 photo gallery
Career highlights photo gallery
Rafael PalmeiroPalmeiro belted his first career home run on Sept 9, 1986. The shot came off Phillies' Kevin Gross when Rafael was a rookie with the Cubs in Wrigley field.

Rafael Palmeiro on being 'a star' - "I don't worry about the star factor... I grew up playing ball..." 56K | 300K

Rafael Palmeiro on his consistency - "hard work, being focused... being mentally strong..." 56K | 300K

Rafael Palmeiro on his favorite moments - "my ultimate moment is when Cal broke Gehrig's record..."
56K | 300K

Palmeiro game-winning HR vs. Yankees (Jim Mecir) on June 3rd, 1997. 56K | 300K

Raffy's 2000th hit vs. Cleveland (with Texas).
56K | 300K

The Angels' Greg Cadaret delivers Palmeiro's 300th home run on July 17, 1998. 56K | 300K

Rafael gets his 400th home run in Anaheim on September 23, 2000. 56K | 300K

SAFECO Field became the setting for Palmeiro's 450th home run on April 19, 2002. 56K | 300K