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Wrapping Up 2001
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Video Vote 2001 has plundered our video archives to collect the best plays of the year in 12 categories. Check out the clips in each category and then vote in the poll on the right to let us know what you think is the Best of the Best for 2001.

Regular Season Blooper of the Year

July 10 -- Who knew the All-Star game could be so dangerous? Tommy Lasorda gets hit by a flying bat and tumbles end-over-end in Seattle.
56k | 300k
June 26 -- When was the last time you saw a manager steal a base? Pirates skipper Lloyd McClendon doesn't like the call at first, so he decides to take his base and go home.
56k | 300k
Aug. 8 -- Do you get a refund for that? Johnny Damon hits a rocket down the right-field line and the ball ends up in a beer cup.
56k | 300k
Sept. 7 -- Denny Hocking goes over the wall as he tries to snag Scott Spiezio's home run. An amused fan can't resist taking a picture of Hocking on the ground instead of helping him up.
56k | 300k
Sept. 30 -- At least it wasn't a baseball! San Franciso Giants ball guy Dick Gregory gets hit in the head by a football.
56k | 300k

Honorable Mention

Aug. 3 -- Bugs invade Toronto. Film at 11.
Aug. 7 -- Steve McMichael boos umpires before the seventh inning stretch at Wrigley Field.
Oct. 1 -- Luis Sojo, in a drought, shaves his beard during the game and then gets a hit.
Oct. 6 -- Sammy Sosa usually gets his homers in a different way, but he'll take this inside-the-park job.

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