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Wrapping Up 2001
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Video Vote 2001 has plundered our video archives to collect the best plays of the year in 12 categories. Check out the clips in each category and then vote in the poll on the right to let us know what you think is the Best of the Best for 2001.

Regular Season Collision of the Year

June 10 -- Two juniors meet at home plate. Veteran backstop Sandy Alomar Jr.wins this battle as he holds onto the baseball to get "Little Sarge," the Cubs' Gary Mathews Jr.
56k | 300k
July 22 -- Donnie Sadler isn't an outfielder by trade, but give him one thing -- he's fearless out there. Jason Giambi hits the ball to dead center and Sadler smashes dead into the fence.
56k | 300k
Aug. 5 -- Rookie Adam Dunn makes a big impression, laying out Padres catcher Wiki Gonzalez in a bone-jarring collision to score the run.
56k | 300k
Aug. 6 -- Youngster Aaron Rowand is still learning the dimensions of Comiskey Park. Rowand he goes right into the wall, but holds on to make the catch.
56k | 300k
Sept. 21 -- No, that's not Vlad -- that's Wilton Guerrero barreling down the first base line. Guerrero has a nasty collision with Mark Loretta.
56k | 300k

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