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Wrapping Up 2001
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Video Vote 2001 has plundered our video archives to collect the best plays of the year in 12 categories. Check out the clips in each category and then vote in the poll on the right to let us know what you think is the Best of the Best for 2001.

Regular Season Memory of the Year

July 10 -- Cal Ripken's final All-Star Game is a memorable one as he smashes a dramatic home run in the third inning off of Chan Ho Park.
56k | 300k
Aug. 11 -- Mark McGwire passes Harmon Killebrew and moves into fifth place on the all-time home run list with No. 574. McGwire will end the season -- and his career -- in fifth with a total of 583.
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Sept. 21 -- From the Irish bagpipes in the opening ceremony, to Diana Ross singing "God Bless America," the Mets' return to Shea Stadium after the Sept. 11 attacks was special. Mike Piazza hits a titanic homer in the eighth inning to lift the Mets to victory.
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Oct. 4 -- Rickey Henderson etches his name in the record book yet again, breaking the all-time runs scored record. Ty Cobb's mark stood for seventy-three years before Henderson shattered it. Rickey does it the only way Rickey knows how, by homering, and sliding into home plate.
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Oct. 5 -- Barry Bonds finally breaks Big Mac's single-season home run record. On the final Friday of the year, before an ecstatic throng at Pac Bell Park, the Hall-of-Fame-bound slugger takes Chan Ho Park deep for No. 71.
56k | 300k

Honorable Mention

Aug. 25 -- Arthur Rhodes and Omar Vizquel face off over... an earring? The Indians and Mariners, who will later meet in the playoffs, spice up what was already developing into an intriguing rivarly.
Sept. 28 -- Sammy Sosa hits his 59th homer and then rounds the bases waving a small American flag as the Cubs play their first home game since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.
Oct. 5 -- The Seattle Mariners set the record for most wins in a season for an American League club, bettering the mark of 114 set by the already legendary 1998 Yankees.
Oct. 6 -- Cal Ripken Jr. makes his retirement speech after his last game as a Major League player.
Oct. 7 -- Tony Gwynn, one of the finest pure hitters ever to play the game, comes to the plate for the final time in his illustrious career.

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