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Wrapping Up 2001
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Video Vote 2001 has plundered our video archives to collect the best plays of the year in 12 categories. Check out the clips in each category and then vote in the poll on the right to let us know what you think is the Best of the Best for 2001.

Regular Season Throw of the Year

April 11 -- Terrence Long is introduced to Ichiro Suzuki's arm as he makes the ill-advised decision to go for third base. The ball goes from grass to glove to throwing arm to third all in about half an eye-blink.
56k | 300k
June 19 -- All this and a cannon for a throwing arm, too. Vladimir Guerrero fields the ball with his bare hand and guns down Benny Agbayani as the Mets outfielder tries to go from first to third.
56k | 300k
July 25 -- Chalk up another great acquisition for the A's. Jermaine Dye was brought in for his right-handed power -- but his right arm isn't bad, either. In his first game with Oakland, Dye nails Minnesota's Doug Mientkiewicz at third.
56k | 300k
Sept. 2 -- Mark McLemore seems to have figured out this playing-the-outfield thing. Melvin Mora is out at home plate when McLemore launches a rocket and takes him down at home.
56k | 300k
Sept. 8 -- The Twins may not have known Jeff Davanon before, but they do now. Davanon's laser from the outfield nails Jacque Jones at home plate.
56k | 300k

Honorable Mention

July 3 -- Torii Hunter makes the catch and comes up throwing to complete the double play at home plate.
July 15 -- Ichiro Suzuki fires into the relay man, allowing Luis Gonzalez to be nailed at the plate by a mile.
Sept. 4 -- Tsuyoshi Shinjo makes Doug Glanville pay for rounding third base by throwing him out at home plate.
Sept. 7 -- Terrence Long robs Chris Gomez of the RBI and then throws the one-hopper to home plate to get Jose Guillen.
Sept. 8 -- Ichiro does it once again, using his cannon of an arm to get out Tony Batista.

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