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Looking back on 2003
In 2003, Major League Baseball retained its grip on America while continuing to fan its popularity globally. And every step of the way, the game reaffirmed its matchless ability to wow, engross and, yes, frustrate.  More >
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Team Stories & Headlines
Year of the team
This was the Year of the Team in Major League Baseball. Looking back on any given season, you can extol individual efforts and this 2003 campaign suffered no shortage in that regard. More >
Crunching numbers
Numbers and baseball are inextricably linked. Whether you're a stats geek or merely a fan of baseball's historical allure, you can't have one without the other. The 2003 season was no different. More >
2003: In Memoriam
They touched us all, these baseball men. They were part of our lives, even if some were only fuzzy images seen on black-and-white TV sets and pictures on baseball cards. More >
Video tribute 56K | 300K
Experience all the great moments of baseball in 2003 with monthly video recaps and clips, captivating audio highlights and a look at each month in photos. Also cast your vote for the best baseball photo of 2003. Launch >  
Marlins upset
the Yankees >