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  Apr. 27: On this day, no one would hit Phillies starter Kevin Millwood. (AP Photo)

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April: Sammy's 500th, Millwood's no-no
The season started anything but slow in 2003, with several major news-making moments in April. One extremely prominent player suffered a serious injury on Opening Day, and three others entered the history books in the opening month. There were several surprises on the field and a serious scare from an infectious disease. Plainly put, last April was anything but ordinary.
Team Stories & Headlines

By Spencer Fordin /

April 1
Derek Jeter, who injured his shoulder on Opening Day, was knocked out for an indefinite amount of time.

April 2
Alex Rodriguez became the youngest player in MLB history to hit 300 home runs. The Anaheim Angels finally received their rings from their stirring 2002 World Series triumph.

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April 3
Broadcast legend Ernie Harwell had his first day off on an Opening Day in several decades.

April 4

Chicago icon Sammy Sosa made history by hitting his 500th home run off the Reds' Scott Sullivan at Great American Ball Park, moving him into one of baseball's most exclusive clubs with 17 other sluggers.

April 6
Ken Griffey Jr.'s run of bad luck continued when he was injured, which was supposed to sideline him for at least six weeks.

April 7
The Red Sox erased a potential distraction by picking up the option on Pedro Martinez' contract.

April 8
Former All-Star Darryl Strawberry was released from jail.

April 10
The Colorado Rockies turned their first-ever triple play.

April 11
In a political decision, Hall of Fame canceled a "Bull Durham" celebration.

April 13

The floodgates opened, allowing the Phillies to score 13 runs in one inning. The most surprising team in baseball, Kansas City, ended a season-opening win streak just shy of double digits.
April 15

The defending world champions, the Anaheim Angels, were reportedly sold to a local businessman. Fans stormed the field in Chicago again, attacking an umpire.

April 16
Former All-Star closer Robb Nen was sidelined by surgery to his throwing arm. New seats in Fenway Park, situated above the Green Monster proved to be an immediate fan attraction.

April 19
Bobby Bonds, father of reigning NL MVP Barry, had a a brain tumor removed. Frustrations ran high as the Blue Jays and Red Sox empty the benches in budding division rivalry. Arizona's Curt Schilling underwent an appendectomy, temporarily sideling him from action.

April 20
Tino Martinez and Miguel Batista were ejected after on-field fight.

April 21
The Montreal Expos return, safe at home after a draining season-opening road trip.

April 25
Blue Jays executives tried to paint a realistic picture of the SARS situation in Toronto.

April 27
Philadelphia's Kevin Millwood entered the history books with the first no-hitter of his young career. The Marlins and Cardinals played a marathon game that lasted 20 innings.

Spencer Fordin is a reporter for This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.