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MLB's 2004 Season Trivia Challenge

Test your knowledge of the 2004 Major League Baseball season with's 20-question,
Year in Review trivia test. Good luck.

1. Which team had the biggest improvement in its win total (29 games) from 2003 to 2004?

a) Indians
b) Rangers
c) Padres
d) Tigers
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2. Which pitcher allowed Barry Bonds' 700th home run?

a) Jake Peavy
b) Matt Kinney
c) Kaz Ishii
d) Kip Wells
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3. Which pitcher struck out four hitters in one inning on August 3?

a) Brad Lidge
b) Guillermo Mota
c) Mike Stanton
d) Mike Gonzalez
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4. Who was the only hitter in baseball in 2004 to go 6-for-6 with two home runs in a game?

a) Raul Ibanez
b) Alfonso Soriano
c) Joe Randa
d) Carlos Pena
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5. Who made the last out of Randy Johnson's perfect game?

a) Jesse Garcia
b) Eddie Perez
c) Nick Green
d) Mark DeRosa
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6. Which Angel hit for the cycle on August 25?

a) David Eckstein
b) Darrin Erstad
c) Jeff DaVanon
d) Chone Figgins
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7. Which team did Greg Maddux beat to earn his 300th career victory?

a) Braves
b) Giants
c) Dodgers
d) Phillies
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8. Which of the following NL hitters did NOT have 200 hits in 2004?

a) Juan Pierre
b) Adrian Beltre
c) Albert Pujols
d) Jack Wilson
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9. Who led the American League with 19 losses in 2004?

a) Ryan Franklin
b) Darrell May
c) Sidney Ponson
d) Jason Johnson
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10. Who was the only team to be at .500 or below at the All-Star Break, and finish the season above .500?

a) White Sox
b) Astros
c) Marlins
d) Phillies
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11. Who was the final team to win its first game in 2004 (they started the season 0-4)?

a) Expos
b) Rockies
c) Blue Jays
d) Mariners
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12. How many hits did Ichiro Suzuki finish the 2004 season with?

a) 258
b) 260
c) 261
d) 262
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13. Who was the MVP of the 2004 All-Star Game in Houston?

a) Lance Berkman
b) Alfonso Soriano
c) Manny Ramirez
d) David Ortiz
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14. Which of the following sluggers did not hit at least 40 home runs in 2004?

a) Paul Konerko
b) Vlad Guerrero
c) Jim Thome
d) Jim Edmonds
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15. Who hit the ball that Derek Jeter snagged on the run before flying into the stands on July 1?

a) Trot Nixon
b) Jason Varitek
c) David McCarty
d) Kevin Millar
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16. How many runs did the Dodgers score in the ninth inning of their division-clinching win over the Giants on October 2?

a) 4
b) 8
c) 7
d) 10
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17. How many home runs did Carlos Beltran hit in the 2004 postseason?

a) 6
b) 7
c) 8
d) 9
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18. What was the final score of Game 7 of the ALCS between the Yankees and Red Sox?

a) 10-3
b) 11-4
c) 8-2
d) 12-2
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19. Who was the only player to hit multiple home runs in the 2004 World Series?

a) Manny Ramirez
b) Mark Bellhorn
c) Larry Walker
d) Johnny Damon
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20. Who won the AL Rookie of the Year in 2004?

a) Bobby Crosby
b) Zack Greinke
c) Daniel Cabrera
d) Shingo Takatsu
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