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Listen to the year's best radio call
Your votes have been counted, and while the race was tight, we now reveal your pick for the best radio call of 2002. John Sterling's words immortalized a Jason Giambi three-run homer on June 4, the Yankee's 16th homer of the season. "It's a terrific honor. It's great for your ego, and I realize that this call isn't any better than 100 other calls made by many other guys who are doing Major League Baseball," the WCBS broadcaster said. Scroll down to see the voting breakdown for the top 10 calls, a description of each and listen to all of them again. Thank you for your votes.

 Listen to call 5
Jason Giambi hit his 16th homer of the season on June 4, helping the Yankees to a 13-5 victory over the Orioles. John Sterling of WCBS in New York made the call.

VOTE RESULTS: 1st, 17 percent

 Listen to call 1
Bill King of KFRC in San Francisco described how the A's won their AL-record 20th game in a row on Sept. 4 with a walk-off homer by Scott Hatteberg.

VOTE RESULTS: 2nd, 14 percent

 Listen to call 7
Angels shortstop David Eckstein might be short, but he came up big for Anaheim on April 27 and 28. He hit grand slams on back-to-back days, and Terry Smith of KLAC in Los Angeles shared the excitement of the second one.

VOTE RESULTS: 3rd, 13 percent

 Listen to call 4
Derek Lowe made history on April 27 when he completed the first no-hitter at Fenway Park since 1965. Joe Castiglione of WEEI in Boston had the honor of broadcasting the historic event.

VOTE RESULTS: 4th, 13 percent

 Listen to call 9
Barry Bonds joined select company when he hit his 600th home run on Aug. 9. Join the excitement by listening to the call by Jon Miller of KNBR in San Francisco.

VOTE RESULTS: 5th, 11 percent

 Listen to call 8
The Mariners' Bret Boone got the season off to an exciting start with an RBI single that scored the winning run in the bottom of the ninth on April 3. Dave Niehaus of KIRO in Seattle made the call.

VOTE RESULTS: 6th, 10 percent

 Listen to call 6
The Twins' Torii Hunter showed the extent of his defensive abilities when he robbed Barry Bonds of a homer in the All-Star Game on July 9. Billy Sample of MLB Radio made the call.

VOTE RESULTS: 7th, 7 percent

 Listen to call 10
Bill King of KFRC in San Francisco portrayed the excitment of a catch made by the A's Terrence Long on Aug. 7. Long's grab robbed Manny Ramirez of a potential game-winning three-run homer in the ninth.

VOTE RESULTS: 8th, 6 percent

 Listen to call 2
Tom McCarthy of WPEN in Philadelphia shared the excitement of a Pat Burrell homer on May 21. The tater helped the Phillies to a 4-0 victory over the Mets.

VOTE RESULTS: 9th, 4 percent

 Listen to call 3
On July 30, the Mariners' Mark McLemore laid down a perfect suicide squeeze to beat the Tigers, 5-4, in 10 innings. Rick Rizzs of KIRO in Seattle was on hand for it.

VOTE RESULTS: 10th, 4 percent