Win $5.6 Million by hitting in 57 straight games.

5 trillion times easier than picking a perfect NCAA bracket. Coming soon for 2015.

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  • How to Play
    Break baseball's toughest record -- the legendary 56-game hitting streak
    Pick up to two players every day who you think will get a hit
    Get a hit, your streak continues; get no hits, start a new streak;
    Be the first to reach 57 games and win $5.6 Million
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  • Get the mobile app
    Easy to make your picks on the go
    Get prizes with NEW scratch-off cards
    Push notifications give you streak updates and daily pick reminders
    Facebook Connect with your friends to compare your best streaks
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  • Scratch-off Card

  • Returning for 2015
    Beat the Streak giveaway scratch-off cards: Over 1 million prizes for streaks as low as 5!
    Prizes include MLB game tickets, MLB.TV, merchandise and more
    Easier to win with one do-over when you lose a streak between 10-15 games
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