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One Day.  57 Hits.  $5.6 Million.

On Friday, September 28, play Beat the Streak in a Day for your shot to win $5.6 Million.

Correctly select 57 players to get a hit on 9/28 and you could take home $5.6 million. Not a bad day's pay.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. See Official Rules for complete prizing details.

This contest is closed. No one was able to correctly pick 57 batters to all get hits.
The top score was 43. View Leaders »

  • Select Your Own

    Think you've got the baseball knowledge to pick 57 different players to record a hit today? Prove it! By choosing the "Select Your Own" option you can make each and every pick on your own.

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  • Quick Pick

    By choosing Quick Pick, we'll select 57 out of the top 150 players for you, based on their Beat the Streak success rates. Don't like some of these selections? You can change any or all of them as you'd like.

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  • Mix and Match

    Want to make some of your own picks, but just don't have the time? Don't sweat it! You can cherry pick your top choices and let help fill in the rest (filling in players with some of the top Beat the Streak success rates).

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