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  • Which will be higher:
    First pitch temperature or
    total pitches in the first two innings?
    Final Result: Temperature 57, Total Pitches 42
  • Which will be higher:
    Mentions of Halladay's no-hitter
    or references to Lincecum's dad by FOX?
    Final Result: No Hitter 10, Dad 1
  • Which will be first:
    Halladay allows an earned run
    or the clock strikes 9:30pm ET?
    Final Result: Earned Run scored before 9:30 pm ET
  • Which will be higher:
    Lincecum called Timmy or Halladay called Doc
    by FOX announcers?
    Final Result: Doc 3, Timmy 0
  • Which will be higher:
    Lincecum Ks or
    times the FOX cameras focus on the Phanatic?
    Final Result: Lincecum Ks 8, Phanatic 0
  • Which will be higher:
    Total runs scored multiplied by 3
    or total combined Ks by both starters?
    Final Result: Total Runs X 3 21, Total Ks 15
  • Which will be higher:
    Halladay Ks or Giants beard mentions by FOX announcers?
    Final Result: Halladay Ks 7, Beard 5