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What is Moundball?

Presenting Moundball: It's the third out of an inning. Players are running into the dugout. Fans are running to the bathrooms. But where does the ball go? If it ends up back on the mound, we got a moundball. If it ends up anywhere else? No moundball. Yes, it's really that simple.

Play along on and Twitter by following . Prizes will be given "Free Parking" Monopoly style. For every half-inning without a moundball, we'll be adding prizes to the pool. Once a moundball does occur, we'll select a random winner who used to take home the prizes. And then we'll do it again until the game ends.

So in short here's what you have to do: Tweet out hashtag "" during a postseason game to enter. Follow to see if you've won.

So go ahead and play Moundball. Would you rather win Free Parking or watch someone else do it?

What you could win

Prizes will increase each inning until we get a Moundball

  1. A MLB standard baseball
  2. Three MLB standard baseballs
  3. One 2012 MLB postseason ball
  4. Three 2012 MLB postseason balls
  5. Six 2012 MLB postseason balls
  6. A dozen 2012 MLB postseason balls
  7. One autographed ball by a Postseason Legend
  8. One autographed ball by a Postseason Legend and 2012 MLB Postseason shirt
  9. One autographed ball by a Postseason Legend, 2012 MLB Postseason shirt and @MLB shoutout