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What is Moundball?

Play #Moundball, an official twitter game of @MLB - It's the third out of an inning. Players head to the dugout, fans race to the concession stands. But where does the ball go? Play along to find out and win prizes. Check out our Tumblr page »

How does it work:
  • After each half-inning the Umpire or Player will toss the ball towards the pitcher's mound
  • Fans who tweet during designated games are eligible to win a prize
  • Follow every potential moundball by playing with our official moundball accounts
  • Tweet out to be eligible for a prize
  • Follow every potential moundball for every postseason game at @MoundballMLB
  • The ball must land entirely on the mound and not roll off or touch the grass
  • Fans only need to tweet once during each game for eligibility to win
  • Winners are selected at random and can only win once during each game
  • See Official Rules for full details

What you could win

Every full inning (two half-innings) that a Moundball does not occur the prize will increase one level until we get a Moundball. Once a Moundball occurs the prize goes back to level 1.

  1. $5 Shop Gift Certificate
  2. $10 Shop Gift Certificate
  3. FREE 1-month Premium Trial
  4. $20 Shop Gift Certificate
  5. $50 Shop Gift Certificate
  6. Hoodie from Shop
  7. Free 1-year subscription
  8. A pair of tickets to a game of your choice*
  9. $150 Shop Gift Certificate

*Subject to Availability

Here's what you could win during the 5th inning of each Postseason game

  • WC -$100 Shop Gift Certificate
  • AL/NLDS-$150 Shop Gift Certificate
  • AL/NLCS-$200 Shop Gift Certificate
  • WS-$250 Shop Gift Certificate

World Series Bonus Prizes

  • If the Umpire lands the ball perfectly on the pitcher's plat during any World Series game, someone will win $1,000.
  • Prizes will be doubled if the Umpire tosses a perfect game during any World Series game.

Moundball Accounts

You can play Moundball on the following accounts
Account Team Frequency
@MoundballMLB MLB 2 featured games per week
@BravesMoundball Atlanta Braves All Braves home games
@RedsMoundball Cincinnati Reds All Reds home games
@RoyalsMoundball Kansas City Royals All Royals Monday home games
@TwinsMoundball Minnesota Twins All Twins Wednesday home games
@AsMoundball Oakland Athletics All Sunday A's home games
@PirateMoundball Pittsburgh Pirates All Monday Pirates home games
@SFGMoundball San Francisco Giants All Tuesday and Friday Giants home games