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How to Play Survivor
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Registration has closed for the 2006 season. Thanks to everyone who signed up to play.


How to Play
1) Your goal is to outlast the competition and survive the longest.  

2) Pick one team every day. If your team wins, you'll stay alive. If your team loses, you're eliminated.

3) Survive the longest and win a $100 Shop Gift Certificate, plus entry into a champions tournament to win four tickets to the 2007 All-Star Game in San Francisco.

4) A new Survivor contest starts every Monday, April-July.

Selecting Your Team
Each day on which an MLB game is played during any Contest Period, you must select one (1) team from a list displayed on If you fail to select a team for any day of the applicable Contest Period on which a game is played, your streak will end. You may only select one (1) team a maximum of two (2) times during Contest Periods 1-19. Once you have selected a team twice in any Contest Period, you will not be allowed to select that team again during that Contest Period. The list of available teams may change from day to day as a result of scheduling changes, so be alert.

Team Selection Deadline
You will have until five (5) minutes prior to the start of the first MLB game being played on that day to make your team selection for that day. If you fail to pick a team on any day, your streak will end. You can enter each Contest Period beginning seven (7) days before the start of the Contest Period (as noted above) and ending five (5) minutes prior to the start of the first MLB game in the applicable Contest Period, after which time entry into such Contest Period shall be closed. MLBAM's computer shall be the official clock of the Contest.

Contest Schedule
There are eighteen (18) different contest periods that you can choose to compete in, as well as a final Contest Period in which the winners of each Contest Period will participate in order to determine the Grand Prize Winner. Contest Periods are as follows:

Contest Period 1: Begins April 3, 2006 (sign-up begins March 27, 2006)
Contest Period 2: Begins April 10, 2006 (sign-up begins April 3, 2006)
Contest Period 3: Begins April 17, 2006 (sign-up begins April 10, 2006)
Contest Period 4: Begins April 24, 2006 (sign-up begins April 17, 2006)
Contest Period 5: Begins May 1, 2006 (sign-up begins April 24, 2006)
Contest Period 6: Begins May 8, 2006 (sign-up begins May 1, 2006)
Contest Period 7: Begins May 15, 2006 (sign-up begins May 8, 2006)
Contest Period 8: Begins May 22, 2006 (sign-up begins May 15, 2006)
Contest Period 9: Begins May 29, 2006 (sign-up begins May 22, 2006)
Contest Period 10: Begins June 5, 2006 (sign-up begins May 29, 2006)
Contest Period 11: Begins June 12, 2006 (sign-up begins June 5, 2006)
Contest Period 12: Begins June 19, 2006 (sign-up begins June 12, 2006)
Contest Period 13: Begins June 26, 2006 (sign-up begins June 19, 2006)
Contest Period 14: Begins July 3, 2006 (sign-up begins June 26, 2006)
Contest Period 15: Begins July 13, 2006 (sign-up begins July 3, 2006)
Contest Period 16: Begins July 17, 2006 (sign-up begins July 13, 2006)
Contest Period 17: Begins July 24, 2006 (sign-up begins July 17, 2006)
Contest Period 18: Begins July 31, 2006 (sign-up begins July 24, 2006)
Contest Period 19: Begins August 28, 2006 (sign-up begins August 21, 2006) open only to the winners of Contest Period 1 through Contest Period 18)


Contest Period Winners
The last eligible participant remaining in each individual Contest Period (1-18) will be the winner of that Contest Period and will win one (1) $100 gift certificate to the Shop.

Grand Prize
The eligible winners of each Contest Period will participate in Contest Period 19 to determine the Grand Prize winner of the Contest.

The eligible Grand Prize winner will win four (4) tickets to the 2007 Major League Baseball All-Star Game in San Francisco, CA.