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Yankee prospects listen intently in the Bombers Academy in the Dominican Republic. (AP)
Haven for baseball talent
becomes model for future

Baseball academies in the Dominican Republic have steadily evolved during the past several decades. Now, with 28 of the 30 Major League teams owning academies on the island, the focus of the facilities has expanded to teaching skills on and off the field. Full Story > | Español >
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An undeniable contribution
As celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with a look at Dominican baseball, a deep history of talent tells the beginning of the story. Full Story >
Papi helps out his homeland
David Ortiz is famous for his big bat, but he's also quickly becoming known as a man with a big heart. Full Story >
Licey-Aguilas a true rivalry
This contest is the Subway Series, Battle of the Bay, and Lone Star Series all rolled into one game. Full Story >
Dominicans expressing their love for baseball.
Dominican Pride
The Pioneers
From D.R.
New Generations
Part 7: Glorious Licey
The Tigres del Licey are celebrating their 100th anniversary as they make a run towards the Caribbean Series. This franchise is steeped in tradition, and has a huge following. 400K
• Part 6: A Winter League of Their Own  400K
• Part 5: Training With the Tribe  400K
• Part 4: Academies Evolve  400K
 First MVP: 
 George Bell, 1987 (AL)

 Dominican MVP's: 
 George Bell, 1987 (AL)
 Sammy Sosa, 1998 (NL)
 Miguel Tejada, 2002 (AL)
 Alex Rodriguez, 2003 (AL)
 Vladimir Guerrero, 2004 (AL)
 Alex Rodriguez, 2005 (AL)
 Albert Pujols, 2005 (NL)

 First Cy Young: 
 Pedro Martínez, 1997 (NL)

 Dominican Cy Young Winners: 
 Pedro Martínez, 1997 (NL)
 Pedro Martínez, 1999 (AL)
 Pedro Martínez, 2000 (AL)
 Bartolo Colón, 2005 (AL)
 First Rookie of the Year: 
 Alfredo Griffin, 1979 (AL)
 (Shared with John Castino)

 Dominican ROY: 
 Alfredo Griffin, 1979 (AL)
 Raúl Mondesí, 1994 (NL)
 Rafael Furcal, 2000 (NL)
 Angel Berroa, 2003 (AL)
 Hanley Ramírez, 2006 (NL)

 First Manager of the Year: 
 Felipe Alou, 1994 (NL)

 Dominican Managers of the Year: 
 Felipe Alou, 1994 (NL)
 Tony Peña, 2003 (AL)
 1st Leader in Wins: 
 Juan Marichal, 25, 1963 (NL)
 (Shared with Sandy Koufax)

 1st leader in ERA: 
 Juan Marichal, 2.10, 1969 (NL)

 1st leader in strikeouts: 
 José De León, 201, 1989 (NL)

 1st Batting title: 
 Mateo Alou, .342, 1966 (NL)

 1st home run leader: 
 Sammy Sosa, 50, 2000 (NL)

 1st RBI leader: 
 George Bell, 134, 1987 (AL)

 1st leader in stolen bases: 
 Franklin Taveras, 70, 1977 (NL)
The high-kicking right-hander from the Dominican Republic won 243 games and lost only 142 over 16 seasons. He won 20 games six times and no-hit Houston in 1963. He led the National League in complete games and shutouts twice and in ERA with 2.10 in 1969. He completed 244 games during his career, striking out 2,303 and finishing with a 2.89 ERA.
Juan Marichal's Historical Stats >>

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