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Baseball in Mexico
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The Little League team from Monterrey won the 1957 Little League World Series. (AP)
History of baseball in Mexico
The history of baseball in Mexico runs deep. From the origins of the game in the 1800's to the Mexican League that began in 1925, and all the way up until the 1957 Little League World Series Champions, the passion and enthusiasm for baseball in the country south of the U.S. border still exists today. Full story >

Baseball academy schools future stars
Less than 20 minutes outside of downtown Monterrey, in the middle of hundreds of pine trees and at the foot of one of the city's numerous mountain ranges, resides the future of professional baseball in the country of Mexico.  Full story >

The legend of Hector Espino, the Mexican Babe Ruth, lives at the Salon de la Fama, the Mexican Professional Baseball Hall of Fame, in the heart of the city.  Full story >
 VIVA BASEBALL! Photo Gallery
Check out the photos of some of the most important baseball places and people in Monterrey, Mexico.  View gallery >

Growing up in Nuevo Leon, longtime friends Carlos Bremer and Jose Maiz never had trouble finding a way to keep busy while their mothers played cards in the living room.  Full story >
 Q&A with US Ambassador
United States Ambassador Antonio Garza, who's job is to act as a bridge between the U.S. and Mexico, has love for the two countries and the sports that are played within them.  Full story >
   All-Star Game - Juego de las Estrellas  Home run - jonrón, cuadrangular
   Assist - asistencia  Innings - entradas
   Ballpark - estadio  Lineup - la alineación
   Base on balls - base por bolas, pasaporte libre  Mid-reliever - relevista de intermedio
   Bat, to - batear  Outfielder - jardinero
   Batting average - promedio de bateo  Pinch hitter - bateador emergente
   Bullpen - bulpen  RBI - carrera impulsada
   Bunt - toque de bola, el toque, un toque  Relief pitcher - el relevista
   Catcher - receptor  Run - una carrera
   Change up - un cambio  Runner - el corredor
   Closer - taponero  Sacrifice fly - fly/elevado de sacrifiio
   Coach - entrenador; el adlestrador  Save - juego salvado; un salvado
   Double steal - doble robo  Stolen base - una base robada
   Ejected - expulsado  Strike zone - zona de strike
   ERA - efectividad  Strikeout - un ponche
   Error - un error  Sweep - una barrida
   Fast ball - una recta  Trade - Mandar, cambiar
   Game - partido  Umpire - el árbitro
   Glove - guante  Walk - base por bolas
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