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How Stats Work

How to Use Our Stats

The new MLB site features the most expansive, interactive and complete stats section on the internet. From player comparisons to sortable lists, extensive splits to career leaders, everything is here.

Stats Entry Page

An index of all the features our stats section has to offer.


Ever wonder which AL outfielders hit the best at home? Or who the best pitchers at night are? Use the splits pull-down menu to pick from one of our plethora of situations. You can break it down by month or use the entire season. You can even generate a list of career active leaders in any category, all with a couple of clicks.

League Leaders

Nostalgic for the old newspaper-style list of league leaders? Start with a list of leaders in every category imaginable. Click on any category to get an expanded list -- this one's not sortable -- of leaders. Get even more specific -- how about a list of home run leaders in May -- by clicking on 2000 Breakdown on the left and choosing the time span you want. Career active leaders are available here, too.

Batter vs. Pitcher

How did Mark McGwire do against Randy Johnson? Did the Twins hit well against Roger Clemens? This is the place to find out. Any combination can be selected -- a single hitter against an entire team, one hitter vs. one pitcher, or an entire team against a particular pitcher, even one team's hitters against another team's entire staff. You'll not only get totals, but also a breakdown by ballpark.

Sortable Team Stats

Like the player stats, look at how the teams stack up every which way, sorting by whichever category you choose. Make sure to use the great splits function here, too.

Interleague & Events

Get all the leaders for interleague games and all the playoff series.

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