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Search Tips
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Our search engine incorporates Boolean logic, which uses keywords and characters to sift through the information in our database. When incorporated into your search, these terms and characters can help you further customize the results provided by our database. Try the following techniques to improve the accuracy of your search results.


Your basic search term; what you enter into the search field to begin your search.

  • Example: To search for information about the Orioles, type Orioles

Multiple keywords

Searching for multiple keywords results in matches to any of the keywords provided. To narrow a multiple-keyword search, we suggest wrapping your search terms with quotation marks (see next item).

  • Example: A search using keywords left fielder might result in pages with keywords "left elbow", "right fielder", and "Prince Fielder" -- in addition to results with "left fielder".

Quotation Marks: " "

Quotation marks - " " - provides a match of several keywords in order, in exact or close relationship to each other. This can be helpful in excluding similar topics you don't want.

  • Example: A search using the keyword Cubs could return information both on the Chicago Cubs and the Iowa Cubs, their AAA affiliate. Using quotes, such as "Chicago Cubs", may eliminate that problem.


Auto-complete enables quick finding and selection of commonly searched terms. By entering more characters, you can filter down the list to better matches.

  • Example: Typing Der results in auto-complete prompts for "Derek Jeter", "Derek Lowe", "Derrek Lee" and "Derrick Turnbow". Typing Derek results in auto-complete prompts for "Derek Jeter" and "Derek Lowe".

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