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First-Year Player Draft History

Straight to the Majors

Since Major League Baseball began its free agent draft in 1965, a total of 20 selections have advanced directly to the Major Leagues without playing in the Minors:

Draft/Year Player School Team
June 2009 Mike Leake, p Arizona State Cincinnati
June 2000 Xavier Nady, inf Cal-Berkeley San Diego
June 1995 Ariel Prieto, p Fajardo University (Cuba) Oakland
June 1993 Darren Dreifort, p Wichita State Los Angeles (NL)
June 1989 John Olerud, inf Washington St. Toronto
June 1988 Jim Abbott, p Michigan California
June 1985 (R) Pete Incaviglia, of Oklahoma St. Montreal
June 1978 (R) Tim Conroy, p Gateway H.S. (PA) Oakland
June 1978 (R) Bob Horner, inf Arizona St. Atlanta
June 1978 (R) Brian Milner, c Southwest H.S. (TX) Toronto
June 1978 (R) Mike Morgan, p Valley H.S. (NV) Oakland
June 1973 (R) David Clyde, p Westchester H.S. (TX) Texas
June 1973 (R) Dave Winfield, of Minnesota San Diego
June 1973 (R) Eddie Bane, p Arizona St. Minnesota
Jan. 1973 (S) Dick Ruthven, p Fresno St. Philadelphia
June 1972 (R) Dave Roberts, inf Oregon San Diego
June 1971 (S) Pete Broberg, p Dartmouth Washington
June 1971 (S) Rob Ellis, inf Michigan St. Milwaukee
June 1971 (S) Burt Hooton, p Texas Chicago (NL)
June 1969 (R) Steve Dunning, p Stanford Cleveland
June 1967 (S) Mike Adamson, p South Carolina Baltimore

(R) -- regular phase; (S) -- secondary phase