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Overview | This Day in Division Series History

Division Series Video
Greatest hits - A compilation of the most exciting moments in Division Series history.   350K
2003: "Giant Killers" - Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez leads the Marlins to win over the Giants in Game 5.   56K | 350K
2003: "Byrne-d" - Oakland's Eric Byrnes neglects to touch home plate in Game 3 opening the door for the Red Sox.   56K | 350K
2002: "Twin Killing" - The Minnesota Twins hang on to win Game 5 in Oakland.   56K | 350K
2001: "The Flip" - Derek Jeter's incredible defensive play in Game 3 against the Athletics.   56K | 350K
2001: "Snake Bit" - The Diamondbacks offer a glimpse of what's to come with a dramatic ninth-inning win in Game 5 against the Cardinals.   56K | 350K
1999: "Pedro" - Boston's Pedro Martinez is incredible in relief to lift the Red Sox over the Indians in Game 5.   56K | 350K
1997: "Sandy" - Cleveland's Sandy Alomar homers off New York's Mariano Rivera to win Game 4.   56K | 350K
1996: "E-5" - New York's Derek Jeter scores the winning run in the 12th inning of Game 2 against Texas.   56K | 350K
1995: "The King Part 1" - Jim Leyritz's home run wins a 15-inning masterpiece for the Yankees over the Seattle Mariners.   56K | 350K
1995: "Yankee Killer" - Seattle's Edgar Martinez gives the franchise their first-ever postseason series win with a Game 5 win over New York.   56K | 350K

Overview | This Day in Division Series History