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League Championship Series Video
Greatest hits - A compilation of the most exciting moments in League Championship Series history.   350K 2003: "Boone-shot" - A classic Red Sox/Yankees battle ends on the first pitch of the bottom of the 11th inning.   56K | 350K
2003: "Bartman" - The Chicago Cubs are close to a World Series appearance, before an improbable implosion.   56K | 350K 1999: "The Marathon II" - In one of the longest postseason games, the Mets' Robin Ventura's "grand-slam single" defeats the Braves.   56K | 350K
1996: "The Kid" - Yankee fan Jeffrey Maier helps New York top the Orioles in Game 1.   56K | 350K 1992: "Cabrera" - Little-used Francisco Cabrera puts the Braves in the World Series with a clutch hit scoring Sid Bream to defeat the Pirates.   56K | 350K
1990: "Blast Off" - Boston's "Rocket", Roger Clemens, explodes on umpire Terry Cooney in Game 4 against the A's.   56K | 350K 1986: "Hendu" - Dave Henderson's home run keeps the Red Sox alive against the Angels.   56K | 350K
1986: "The Marathon" - The Mets beat the Astros in what is arguably the best LCS game ever.   56K | 350K 1985: "Wizard of Oz" - Ozzie Smith hits an improbable home to win Game 5 for the Cardinals over the Dodgers.   56K | 350K
1981: "Manic Monday" - Rick Monday breaks a 9th inning, 1-1, tie with a solo home run off Montreal's Steve Rogers to win Game 5 and put Los Angeles in the World Series.   56K | 350K 1980: "Extras" - In the fourth of five total NLCS games that year, Philadelphia's Garry Maddox drives in the series-winning run in 10th inning against the Astros.   56K | 350K
1976: "Chambliss" - A walkoff homer in Game 5 by Yankee first baseman Chris Chambliss puts New York in the World Series at the expense of the Royals.   56K | 350K 1973: "Brawl" - Pete Rose & Bud Harrelson come to blows on a play at second base in a game between the Reds and Mets.   56K | 350K

Overview | Most Valuable Players | This Day in LCS History