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No-hit games in losing effort

Five times in modern Major League history (since 1900), a team has held its opponent hitless, but lost the game.

For the complete list of no-hitters, click here.

American League
 Pitchers Date Result
Jered Weaver and Jose Arredondo*06-28-2008Angels vs. Dodgers, 0-1 coverage >
Matt Young*04-12-1992Red Sox vs. Indians, 1-2
Andy Hawkins*07-01-1990Yankees vs. White Sox, 0-4
Steve Barber and Stu Miller04-30-1967Orioles vs. Tigers, 1-2

National League

 Pitcher Date Result
Ken Johnson04-23-1964Colt .45s vs. Reds, 0-1

*=Pitched eight innings, not an official no-hitter.