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Unassisted Triple Plays
Only 15 players have turned unassisted triple plays in the history of baseball.
*Denotes a World Series game

American League

 Player, Team Position Date Inning
Asdrubal Cabrera, Cleveland 2B 05-12-2008 5th coverage >
Randy Velarde, Oakland 2B 05-29-2000 6th
John Valentin, Boston SS 07-08-1994 6th
Ron Hansen, Washington SS 07-30-1968 1st
Johnny Neun, Detroit 1B 05-31-1927 9th
George Burns, Boston 1B 09-14-1923 2nd
Bill Wambsganss, Cleveland* 2B 10-10-1920 5th
Neal Ball, Cleveland SS 07-19-1909 2nd

National League

 Player, Team Position Date Inning
Eric Bruntlett, Philadelphia 2B 08-23-2009 9th coverage >
Troy Tulowitzki, Colorado SS 04-29-2007 7th coverage >
Rafael Furcal, Atlanta SS 08-10-2003 5th coverage >
Mickey Morandini, Philadelphia 2B 09-20-1992 6th
Jimmy Cooney, Chicago (NL) SS 05-30-1927 4th
Glenn Wright, Pittsburgh SS 05-07-1925 9th
Ernie Padgett, Boston (NL) SS 10-06-1923 4th