Rules of the Game


In the family of bat and ball games, rounders resembles baseball the most. There are nine players on each team and four bases on the field. But in rounders the bases are tall sticks in the ground, rather than square bags, and the fourth base is also separate from the batting area; it's down the third base line.

Both games consist of five to seven innings where teams alternate between fielding and batting. But rounders is an underam game. The bowler only needs to bowl the ball between the batter's knees and top of the head for it to be a "good" ball. And a batter can hit a "bad" ball or "no-ball" if they believe they can make a good hit off of it.

A batter scores a point or "rounder" by running through four bases after hitting a pitched ball with one-handed swing of their bat. There is no foul territory in rounders, so a ball must simply be hit, regardless if it is in front of, or behind the plate. A player is "put out" when a fielder catches a hit ball before it bounces on the ground or when a fielder touches a base with the ball which has just been put into play.

Rounders is a popular sport for school girls and boys in the U.K. with six million pupils playing the game each year.

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