Rules of the Game


Stoolball resembles a game which combines aspects of cricket and rounders into one. Like cricket, the game is played on a "pitch" with a wicket at each end. But the stoolball wicket is taller and consists of a wooden board attached to the top of a wooden stake.

Similar to rounders, the ball is bowled underarm toward the wicket. Each team tries to score runs by defending the wicket with their bat and exchanging places with another player, who stands at the opposite wicket. The batters attempt to exchange places as many times as possible without being "run out," which is when the batsman touches the wicket before a ball is thrown or placed on it by a member for the fielding team. A batsman can also be "caught out" if the ball the ball, after being struck, is caught by a member of the fielding side. And similar to cricket's rule of "leg before wicket," a batsman can be out "body before wicket" if a batsman is hit by a bowled ball which would have otherwise hit the wicket. Stoolball is a higher scoring game than baseball, with teams totaling anywhere from 200 to 500 runs during a game.

Stoolball is played at league level in the U.K. in Sussex, Kent, and Surrey.

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