“What They're Saying”

Vin Scully

Hall of Fame broadcaster

"Base Ball Discovered is a grand slam of a study. It provides an intentional walk through the scorebook of history and whether of British or Yankee beginnings, rounders or cricket, whether to salute a general or pitch to a private, it scores big time and is a winner."

Jeff Idelson

President, National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

"Base Ball Discovered is an entertaining and educational look at the continual evolution of baseball's beginnings. The documentary is a product of excellent research and investigation, strong writing and compelling interviews, combining to provide an insightful examination of this latest discovery in baseball's long history. For any fan of the history of baseball, it should be savored and enjoyed."

George F. Will

Columnist, Television Personality and Author

"Baseball has a delightful creation myth -- Abner Doubleday in farmer Finney's pasture at Cooperstown in 1839. Unfortunately, it is, well, a myth. Those who want facts that are more fascinating than fiction will enjoy Base Ball Discovered."

Jim Bouton

Former Major Leaguer and Author

"Base Ball Discovered is a video treasure hunt. It is the best and most deeply researched documentary on the history of baseball yet. MLB.com has gone about as far as anyone could and uncovered a stunning discovery along the way. America's religion, baseball, turns out to be a combination of intelligent design and evolution, telling a better story than Abner Doubleday."

Buzz Bissinger

Author of Three Nights in August and Friday Night Lights

"A moving, stirring tribute to what is and will always be America's greatest game. The scandals will come and the scandals will go, but the beauty of baseball, what it means to this country, can never be taken away. Tears will come to your eyes as you watch. They should."

John Thorn

Baseball Historian

"Who invented baseball? Base Ball Discovered crosses an ocean and hurdles the centuries to provide an unexpected and delightful answer. In this beautifully filmed historical whodunit, the past leaps off the page to assert its continuing presence."