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Cameron Maybin
Cameron Maybin Votes
Drafted: 2005, 1st (10)
ETA in

Statistically speaking: With a young five-tool player like Maybin, it's a mistake to hone in on the numbers too much, but a few things are worth noting. He raised his average 56 points in the second half of the season (to .321, up from a first-half .265), albeit in just 27 games. His on-base numbers also improved, from .357 to .437. But he showed more power in the first half, with a .461 slugging percentage compared to .440 in the second half. Still, his OPS jumped 59 points in the latter half of the season.

Scouting report: Maybin is a prototypical five-tool player still learning how to turn his potential into performance. He has tremendous bat speed with plenty of power potential in his frame. Though willing to take walks, he needs to improve his strike-zone judgment. His plus speed can change games on the bases and particularly in the outfield. He covers a ton of ground and his above-average arm plays very well in center.

Upside potential: A player with those tools has no ceiling. Maybin's speed could make him a top-of-the-order type, but he may develop the kind of power that puts him squarely in the middle of the lineup for years to come.

They said it: "He's the complete athlete. He does everything well. He's a prototypical five-tool player. His speed will have a big impact on his game in center field." -- Jim Fleming, Marlins VP of Player Development and Scouting

He said it: "It's fun. The intensity is high, and the concentration has to be high, as well. I think it brings out the best baseball in all of us. But this game has been humbling me for a long time. It's not going to humble me now, because that's what this game always does." -- On his big league time in 2008