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Elvis Andrus
Elvis Andrus Votes
Signed: Jan. 26, 2005
ETA in

Statistically speaking: The biggest sign that Andrus is adjusting is how he improved at the plate over the course of the season. He hit .260 with a .612 OPS in April. That improved to .278 and .666 in May. He took off in June (.309/.782) and particularly in July (.330/.804). A teenager raises his batting average 36 points and his OPS 95 points from first half to second is always going to raise some eyebrows.

Scouting report: His defensive skills are off the charts, both with the glove and his arm. He has plus speed that he uses at shortstop and on the basepaths. Has made great progress offensively and is developing into a future leadoff hitter.

Upside potential: An everyday shortstop with gold-glove potential who serves as a leadoff hitter with speed to spare.

They said it: "He made tremendous strides offensively. A 19-year-old position player in the Texas League, he really complemented his defensive skills. He's becoming a more complete player and will be able to bring a complete game to the Major League level in the near future." -- Rangers Director of Minor League Operations John Lombardo

He said it: "It's normal for me. Since I started playing, I've been the youngest player in any league. It's given me strength. It's given me power in my mind, with my mindset. I don't care if I play with guys who are 25 or 30 years old. I know I can [play] better than those guys."