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Fernando Martinez
Fernando Martinez Votes
Signed: July 11, 2005
ETA in

Statistically speaking: Talk about a split. During the 2008 season, F-Mart had 106 at-bats against left-handers and 246 vs. righties. Martinez, a left-handed hitter, hit just .217 with a .665 OPS against southpaws while the numbers jumped to .317 and .819 vs. right-handers.

Scouting report: Injuries have gotten in the way -- in 2008 it was a hamstring issue -- but many still believe Martinez will hit for average and power as he matures. Reviews are mixed, but most still like his bat speed from the left side. He's got a good arm and played good defense in center this past season.

Upside potential: The sky is still the limit. He'll play at age 20 in 2009 and still has the tools to be an All-Star caliber outfielder.

They said it: "The main thing for him, he needs to stay healthy. ... We have to keep an eye on him, because he's the type of guy who won't tell you something is bothering him, which is good. He knows how to play with pain. Slowly but surely he's playing how everyone is expecting him to be." -- Binghamton Mets manager Mako Oliveras

He said it: "I work for that moment. Every day, every night. I think, 'Wow, when will I be there in New York?'" -- Martinez at the 2008 Futures Game