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Carlos Triunfel
Carlos Triunfel Votes
Signed: Sept. 23, 2006
ETA in

Statistically speaking: It can be forgiven that it took Triunfel, who's just 18 years old, time to figure things out in the California League. He hit .233 with a .594 OPS in the first half of the season. Then things clicked, with some renewed focus, and Triunfel hit .335 in the second half with an .873 OPS.

Scouting report: A young, exciting, high-ceiling player, he's very instinctual on field with the ability to hit for average and power in the future. He has one of the best arms in baseball, Minors or Majors, with the ability to fill three positions -- shortstop, third, second -- in the infield. He'll have to watch his conditioning and may end up being too big to stay at short, though some think he'll be just fine there.

Upside potential: Depending on who you talk to, an everyday shortstop with a cannon arm or a third baseman or perhaps a second baseman. If everything clicks, he should hit for average and power.

They said it: "It's obvious when you see him the talent he has. You have to remind yourself that he's just 18. He's the youngest player in the AFL, the first player born in the '90s playing in the Fall League. I have really been impressed with him. If you watched him play, you wouldn't think he is 18. ." -- Darren Brown, Triunfel's manager in the Arizona Fall League

He said it: "It was a great accomplishment and you have to give yourself a pat on the back. I must have done something right to be chosen, but I have always been confident." -- Triunfel on being named to the Arizona Fall League Rising Stars Showcase