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Jesus Montero
Jesus Montero Votes
Signed: Oct. 17, 2006
ETA in

Statistically speaking: When challenged with a bump up to Double-A at age 19, Montero didn't really skip a beat. After hitting .356/.406/.583 in the Class A Advanced Florida State League, he kept raking at a .317/.370/.539 rate over 44 Double-A games. His ISO (extra bases per plate appearance) stayed almost identical, .228 to .222, and his line drive percentage actually increased (19.7 up from 17.9).

Scouting report: It would be difficult to find someone with anything critical to say about Montero's bat. He's going to hit for plenty of average and he's got perhaps as much raw power as anyone in the Minors; he's just starting to tap into it. He's got great pitch recognition and bat control. The question with Montero has always been about his defense. He's big for a catcher and isn't all that agile. That being said, he's worked very hard on his craft behind the plate and showed improvement, particularly in throwing out runners, over the course of last season.

Upside potential: No matter what position he plays, his bat will be special and has All-Star potential. Obviously, if he can catch, his value goes up exponentially, but the Yankees will find a spot for the bat one way or the other, soon.

They said it: "He's a very advanced bat with power. He has improved greatly as a defender. He's got above-average arm strength and threw out a higher percentage of basestealers at Double-A than he did in A-ball." -- Mark Newman, Yankees senior vice president of baseball operations

He said it: "I want to be a catcher. I love to catch. I like to be a catcher. I like to be in the middle of the game. I mean, it's my position. I want to play my position."