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Neon Trees

Neon Trees - Habits

Neon Trees talk about their favorite teams, at-bat music, perform tracks from the new album 'Habits,' and talk about touring.

  1. Neon Trees: Calling my Name
  2. Neon Trees: Animal
  3. Neon Trees: Sins of my Youth
  4. Neon Trees: Your Surrender
  5. Neon Trees on music and touring
  6. Neon Trees talk baseball
  7. Neon Trees talk at-bat music

Sample Tracks

Listen to audio samples from the Neon Trees' debut album, "Habits" and purchase tracks now.

  1. Sins of my Youth Neon Trees - Habits
  2. Love and Affection Neon Trees - Habits
  3. Animal Neon Trees - Habits
  4. Your Surrender Neon Trees - Habits
  5. 1983 Neon Trees - Habits
  6. Girls and Boys in School Neon Trees - Habits
  7. In the Next Room Neon Trees - Habits
  8. Our War Neon Trees - Habits