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Player moves by team 1. Free Agent Status 2. By Team or Position 3. Select
 Player  Position  Former Team  New Team  Transaction date  Notes
1.    Alou, Moises  OF  CHC  SF  12/29/04  One year with a club option for 2006
2.    Alvarez, Tony  OF  PIT  CWS  1/19/05  Minor league contract
3.    Bautista, Danny  OF  ARI  TB  1/13/05  One-year contract
4.    Beltran, Carlos  OF  HOU  NYM  1/11/05  Seven-year contract
5.    Bergeron, Peter  OF  MIL  CHC  1/20/05  Minor league contract
6.    Bocachica, Hiram  OF  SEA  OAK  11/22/04  Minor league contract
7.    Bragg, Darren  OF  CIN  CLE  2/17/05  Minor league contract
8.    Burnitz, Jeromy  OF  COL  CHC  2/05/05  One year with a club option for 2006
9.    Collier, Lou  OF  PHI  ---  ---  Non-tendered
10.    Cordova, Marty  OF  BAL  TB  1/19/05  Minor league contract
11.    Cruz, Jacob  OF  CIN  CIN  12/27/04  Minor league contract
12.    Cummings, Midre  OF  TB  BAL  1/18/05  Minor league contract
13.    Dellucci, David  OF  TEX  TEX  12/20/04  Two-year contract
14.    Drew, J.D.  OF  ATL  LAD  1/11/05  Five-year contract with an opt-out after two
15.    Dye, Jermaine  OF  CWS  ---  ---  Club declined option; Type A free agent
16.    Finley, Steve  OF  LAD  SF  12/11/04  Two years with a club option for 2007
17.    Glanville, Doug  OF  PHI  NYY  1/28/05  Minor league contract
18.    Gonzalez, Juan  OF  KC  CLE  1/17/05  Minor league contract
19.    Goodwin, Tom  OF  CHC  TB  2/22/05  Minor league contract - Released during spring training
20.    Greer, Rusty  OF  TEX  ---  ---  Club declined option
21.    Grieve, Ben  OF  CHC  PIT  1/23/05  Released at end of spring training
22.    Grissom, Marquis  OF  SF  SF  11/02/04  Club option exercised
23.    Guerrero, Wilton  OF  KC  STL  1/12/05  Minor league contract
24.    Harris, Lenny  OF  MIA  MIA  11/29/04  Minor league contract
25.    Hidalgo, Richard  OF  NYM  TEX  12/24/04  One-year contract
26.    Hollandsworth, Todd  OF  CHC  CHC  12/31/04  One-year contract
27.    Jordan, Brian  OF  TEX  ATL  1/20/05  One-year contract
28.    Kapler, Gabe  OF  BOS  ---  ---  Unsigned at end of spring training
29.    Lankford, Ray  OF  STL  ---  ---  Retired
30.    Ledee, Ricky  OF  SF  LAD  12/07/04  Two-year contract
31.    McCracken, Quinton  OF  ARI  ARI  12/07/04  Minor league contract
32.    McMillon, Billy  OF  OAK  BOS  12/21/04  Minor league contract
33.    Mohr, Dustan  OF  SF  COL  1/06/05  One year with a mutual option for 2006
34.    Mondesi, Raul  OF  LAA  ATL  1/17/05  One-year contract
35.    Murray, Calvin  OF  CHC  CHC  1/20/05  Minor league contract
36.    Ordonez, Magglio  OF  DET  DET  2/07/05  Five years with a vesting option for 2010 and a club option for 2011
37.    Palmeiro, Orlando  OF  HOU  HOU  12/07/04  One-year contract
38.    Pride, Curtis  OF  LAA  LAA  11/15/04  Minor league contract
39.    Rolls, Damian  OF  TB  NYY  1/28/05  Minor league contract
40.    Romano, Jason  OF  CIN  CIN  10/11/04  Minor league contract
41.    Sierra, Ruben  OF  NYY  NYY  1/08/05  One-year contract
42.    Spencer, Shane  OF  NYY  ---  ---  Signed in Japan
43.    Surhoff, B.J.  OF  BAL  BAL  12/07/04  One-year contract
44.    Sweeney, Mark  OF  COL  SD  12/31/04  One-year contract
45.    Taguchi, So  OF  STL  STL  12/22/04  Non-tendered then signed for one year
46.    Vander Wal, John  OF  CIN  ---  ---  Opted for free agency
47.    Williams, Gerald  OF  NYM  NYM  1/10/05  Minor league contract
48.    Young, Ernie  OF  CLE  CLE  11/23/04  Minor league contract