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Hot Stove Report Hot Stove Tracker
 Player  Position  Former Team  New Team  Transaction date  Notes
51.    Camp, Shawn  RP  CHC  CHC  11/19/12  One-year contract
52.    Floyd, Cliff  OF  CHC  TB  12/14/07  One year with a club option for 2009
53.    Kendall, Jason  C  CHC  MIL  12/01/07  One year with a vesting option for 2009
54.    Miller, Wade  SP  CHC  ---  ---  Minor League free agent
55.    Monroe, Craig  OF  CHC  MIN  11/13/07  Traded for a PTBN
56.    Ohman, Will  RP  CHC  ATL  12/04/07  Traded with Omar Infante for Jose Ascanio
57.    Trachsel, Steve  SP  CHC  BAL  2/11/08  Spring Training invitee
58.    Wood, Kerry  RP  CHC  CHC  11/28/07  One-year contract
59.    Bellhorn, Mark  3B  CIN  ---  ---  Minor League free agent
60.    Cantu, Jorge  1B  CIN  MIA  12/18/07  Minor league contract
61.    Dunn, Adam  OF  CIN  CIN  10/31/07  Club option exercised
62.    Ellison, Jason  OF  CIN  TEX  12/26/07  Minor league contract
63.    Guardado, Eddie  RP  CIN  TEX  1/11/08  ---
64.    Hamilton, Josh  OF  CIN  TEX  12/21/07  Traded for Danny Herrera and Edinson Volquez
65.    Hatteberg, Scott  1B  CIN  CIN  10/31/07  Club exercised option
66.    Jorgensen, Ryan  C  CIN  MIN  1/16/08  Minor league contract
67.    Milton, Eric  SP  CIN  ---  ---  Unsigned through spring training
68.    Saarloos, Kirk  RP  CIN  OAK  1/15/08  Minor league contract
69.    Stone, Ricky  RP  CIN  ---  ---  Minor League free agent
70.    Volquez, Edinson  SP  CIN  SD  12/17/11  Traded with Yonder Alonso, Yasmani Grandal and a minor leaguer for Mat Latos
71.    Willis, Dontrelle  RP  CIN  PHI  12/15/11  One-year contract
72.    Wise, Dewayne  OF  CIN  CWS  3/05/08  Minor league contract
73.    Borowski, Joe  RP  CLE  CLE  11/06/07  Club exercised option
74.    Byrd, Paul  SP  CLE  CLE  11/05/07  Vesting option exercised
75.    Fultz, Aaron  RP  CLE  CLE  11/06/07  Club exercised option
76.    Kobayashi, Masa  RP  CLE  ---  ---  Signed with Yomiuri Giants in late November
77.    Lofton, Kenny  OF  CLE  ---  ---  ---
78.    Nixon, Trot  OF  CLE  ARI  2/23/08  Minor league contract
79.    Rivas, Luis  IF  CLE  PIT  12/11/07  Minor league contract
80.    Affeldt, Jeremy  RP  COL  CIN  1/23/08  One-year contract
81.    Carroll, Jamey  IF  COL  CLE  12/08/07  Traded for a PTBN (Seth Smith)
82.    Cook, Aaron  SP  COL  COL  10/31/07  Club option exercised
83.    Dessens, Elmer  SP  COL  PIT  12/21/07  Minor league contract
84.    Finley, Steve  OF  COL  ---  ---  Released
85.    Fogg, Josh  SP  COL  CIN  2/22/08  One-year contract
86.    Hawkins, LaTroy  RP  COL  NYY  12/21/07  One-year contract
87.    Herges, Matt  RP  COL  COL  12/13/07  One year with a club option for 2009
88.    Jennings, Jason  SP  COL  TEX  1/25/08  One-year contract
89.    Lopez, Rodrigo  SP  COL  ---  ---  Unsigned at the end of spring training
90.    Mabry, John  3B  COL  ---  ---  Released in May
91.    Martin, Tom  RP  COL  LAD  1/25/08  Spring training invitee
92.    Matsui, Kazuo  2B  COL  ---  11/25/10  Signed with Rakuten Eagles, Japanese Pacific League
93.    Redman, Mark  SP  COL  COL  12/22/07  One-year contract
94.    Torrealba, Yorvit  C  COL  COL  11/29/07  Two years with a club option for 2010
95.    Casey, Sean  1B  DET  BOS  2/06/08  One-year contract
96.    Durbin, Chad  SP  DET  PHI  12/30/07  One-year contract
97.    Infante, Omar  IF  DET  ATL  12/04/07  Traded to the Cubs for Jacque Jones, then with Will Ohman to the Braves for Jose Ascanio
98.    Jones, Todd  RP  DET  DET  11/13/07  One-year contract
99.    Perez, Neifi  SS  DET  ---  ---  ---
100.    Rabelo, Mike  C  DET  MIA  12/05/07  Acquired with Eulogio De La Cruz, Andrew Miller and Cameron Maybin for Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera
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