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 Player  Position  Former Team  New Team  Transaction date  Notes
101.    Cruz, Jose  OF  SD  HOU  11/28/07  Minor League contract with Spring Training invite
102.    Geary, Geoff  RP  PHI  HOU  11/07/07  Traded with Michael Bourn and Mike Costanzo for Eric Bruntlett and Brad Lidge
103.    House, J.R.  C  BAL  HOU  1/17/08  Minor league contract
104.    Loretta, Mark  IF  HOU  HOU  2/18/08  One-year arbitrated contract
105.    Matsui, Kazuo  2B  COL  HOU  12/06/07  Three-year contract
106.    Newhan, David  OF  NYM  HOU  2/14/08  Minor League contract
107.    Paronto, Chad  RP  ATL  HOU  12/18/07  One-year contract
108.    Tejada, Miguel  SS  BAL  HOU  12/12/07  Traded for Matt Albers, Mike Costanzo, Troy Patton, Dennis Sarfate and Luke Scott
109.    Valverde, Jose  RP  ARI  HOU  12/14/07  Traded for Chris Burke, J.C. Gutierrez and Chad Qualls
110.    Callaspo, Alberto  IF  ARI  KC  12/14/07  Acquired for Billy Buckner
111.    Guillen, Jose  OF  SEA  KC  12/06/07  Three-year contract
112.    Lewis, Colby  RP  OAK  KC  11/02/07  Claimed off waivers
113.    Olivo, Miguel  C  MIA  KC  12/21/07  One year with a mutual option for 2009
114.    Ramirez, Ramon  RP  COL  KC  3/26/08  Traded for a PTBN (Jorge De La Rosa)
115.    Tsao, Chin-hui  RP  LAD  KC  12/31/07  Spring Training invitee
116.    Yabuta, Yasuhiko  RP  ---  KC  11/29/07  Two years with a club option for 2010
117.    Bennett, Gary  C  STL  LAD  12/20/07  One year with a mutual option for 2009
118.    Falkenborg, Brian  RP  STL  LAD  12/12/07  Minor league contract
119.    Jones, Andruw  OF  ATL  LAD  12/12/07  Two-year contract
120.    Jones, Greg  RP  LAA  LAD  12/12/07  Spring Training invitee
121.    Kuroda, Hiroki  SP  ---  LAD  12/18/07  Three-year contract
122.    Logan, Nook  OF  WSH  LAD  2/16/08  Minor league contract, no spring invite.
123.    Martin, Tom  RP  COL  LAD  1/25/08  Spring training invitee
124.    Martinez, Ramon  IF  LAD  LAD  2/29/08  Club option declined - Minor league contract
125.    Myers, Mike  RP  CWS  LAD  1/25/08  Spring training invitee
126.    Park, Chan Ho  SP  HOU  LAD  1/20/08  Minor league contract
127.    Sweeney, Mark  1B  LAD  LAD  2/13/08  One-year contract
128.    Branyan, Russell  IF  STL  MIL  2/20/08  Minor league contract
129.    Cameron, Mike  OF  SD  MIL  1/15/08  One year with a club option for 2009
130.    Choate, Randy  RP  ARI  MIL  11/13/07  One-year contract
131.    Kendall, Jason  C  CHC  MIL  12/01/07  One year with a vesting option for 2009
132.    Mota, Guillermo  RP  NYM  MIL  11/20/07  Traded for Johnny Estrada
133.    Nunez, Abraham O.  3B  PHI  MIL  1/27/08  Club option declined - Minor league contract
134.    Riske, David  RP  KC  MIL  12/07/07  Three years with a club option for 2011
135.    Spurling, Chris  RP  MIL  MIL  2/28/08  Minor league contract - Released during spring training
136.    Torres, Salomon  RP  PIT  MIL  12/07/07  Traded for Marino Salas and Kevin Roberts
137.    Clark, Howie  IF  TOR  MIN  11/21/07  Minor league contract
138.    Everett, Adam  SS  HOU  MIN  12/13/07  One-year contract
139.    Gomez, Carlos  OF  NYM  MIN  2/02/08  Traded with Philip Humber, Kevin Mulvey and Deolis Guerra for Johan Santana
140.    Hernandez, Livan  SP  ARI  MIN  2/25/08  One-year contract
141.    Jorgensen, Ryan  C  CIN  MIN  1/16/08  Minor league contract
142.    Monroe, Craig  OF  CHC  MIN  11/13/07  Traded for a PTBN
143.    Young, Delmon  OF  TB  MIN  11/28/07  Traded with Brendan Harris and Jason Pridie for Jason Bartlett, Matt Garza and Eddie Morlan
144.    Abreu, Bobby  OF  NYY  NYY  11/01/07  Club option exercised
145.    Albaladejo, Jonathan  RP  WSH  NYY  12/05/07  Traded for Tyler Clippard
146.    Ensberg, Morgan  3B  SD  NYY  2/05/08  Minor league contract
147.    Green, Nick  IF  SEA  NYY  12/20/07  Minor league contract
148.    Hawkins, LaTroy  RP  COL  NYY  12/21/07  One-year contract
149.    Molina, Jose  C  NYY  NYY  12/01/07  Two-year contract
150.    Pettitte, Andy  SP  NYY  NYY  12/23/07  One-year contract
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