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Hot Stove Report Hot Stove Tracker
 Player  Position  Former Team  New Team  Transaction date  Notes
151.    Paul, Josh  C  TB  TB  2/01/08  Minor League contract with Spring Training invite
152.    Estrada, Johnny  C  NYM  WSH  1/31/08  One-year contract
153.    Santana, Johan  P  MIN  NYM  1/29/08  Acquired for Carlos Gomez and three minor league pitchers
154.    Nunez, Abraham O.  3B  PHI  MIL  1/27/08  Club option declined - Minor league contract
155.    Martin, Tom  RP  COL  LAD  1/25/08  Spring training invitee
156.    Myers, Mike  RP  CWS  LAD  1/25/08  Spring training invitee
157.    Wright, Jaret  SP  BAL  PIT  1/23/08  Minor League contract
158.    Kolb, Dan  RP  PIT  BOS  1/22/08  Minor League contract
159.    Ramirez, Alexei  OF  ---  CWS  1/18/08  Played in Cuba
160.    Valentin, Jose  2B  NYM  NYM  1/18/08  Minor League contract with Spring Training invite
161.    Davis, Kane  RP  PHI  TOR  1/15/08  Spring training invitee
162.    Rasner, Darrell  SP  NYY  NYY  1/15/08  Spring Training invitee
163.    Kotsay, Mark  OF  MIL  ATL  1/14/08  Traded for Joey Devine and Jamie Richmond.
164.    Guardado, Eddie  RP  CIN  TEX  1/11/08  ---
165.    Mirabelli, Doug  C  BOS  BOS  1/11/08  One-year contract
166.    Reitsma, Chris  RP  SEA  SEA  1/10/08  Minor League contract
167.    Giles, Marcus  2B  SD  COL  1/08/08  Spring Training invitee
168.    Cavazos, Andy  RP  STL  NYM  1/07/08  Spring Training invitee
169.    Brower, Jim  RP  NYY  CIN  1/04/08  Spring Training invitee
170.    Fick, Robert  1B  WSH  SD  1/03/08  Spring Training invitee
171.    Tsao, Chin-hui  RP  LAD  KC  12/31/07  Spring Training invitee
172.    Bowie, Micah  RP  WSH  COL  12/21/07  Spring Training invitee
173.    Hawkins, LaTroy  RP  COL  NYY  12/21/07  One-year contract
174.    Iguchi, Tadahito  2B  PHI  SD  12/18/07  Agreed to one-year contract
175.    Wise, Matt  RP  MIL  NYM  12/18/07  One-year contract
176.    Cassel, Jack  SP  SD  HOU  12/17/07  One-year contract
177.    Callaspo, Alberto  IF  ARI  KC  12/14/07  Acquired for Billy Buckner
178.    Rodriguez, Alex  3B  NYY  NYY  12/13/07  10-year contract
179.    Jones, Greg  RP  LAA  LAD  12/12/07  Spring Training invitee
180.    Rogers, Kenny  SP  DET  DET  12/12/07  One-year contract
181.    Seo, Jae Weong  SP  TB  ---  12/11/07  Signed with Korean Baseball League
182.    Timlin, Mike  RP  BOS  BOS  12/07/07  One-year contract
183.    Williams, Dave  P  NYM  ---  12/07/07  Signed with Yokohama BayStars
184.    Guillen, Jose  OF  SEA  KC  12/06/07  Three-year contract
185.    Cabrera, Miguel  3B  MIA  DET  12/05/07  Acquired with Dontrelle Willis for Eulogio De La Cruz, Andrew Miller, Mike Rabelo and Cameron Maybin
186.    Clippard, Tyler  SP  NYY  WSH  12/05/07  Acquired for Jonathan Albaladejo
187.    Rabelo, Mike  C  DET  MIA  12/05/07  Acquired with Eulogio De La Cruz, Andrew Miller and Cameron Maybin for Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera
188.    Bocachica, Hiram  OF  SD  ---  12/03/07  Signed with Seibu Lions (Japan)
189.    Dukes, Elijah  OF  TB  WSH  12/03/07  Acquired for a Minor Leaguer
190.    Cruz, Jose  OF  SD  HOU  11/28/07  Minor League contract with Spring Training invite
191.    Castillo, Luis  2B  NYM  NYM  11/19/07  Four-year contract
192.    Lowell, Mike  3B  BOS  BOS  11/19/07  Re-signed to three-year contract
193.    Glavine, Tom  SP  NYM  ATL  11/18/07  ---
194.    Jones, Todd  RP  DET  DET  11/13/07  One-year contract
195.    Reyes, Al  RP  TB  TB  11/13/07  Club option exercised
196.    Borowski, Joe  RP  CLE  CLE  11/06/07  Club exercised option
197.    Fultz, Aaron  RP  CLE  CLE  11/06/07  Club exercised option
198.    Stairs, Matt  OF  TOR  TOR  11/02/07  Two-year contract
199.    Tavarez, Julian  RP  BOS  BOS  11/02/07  Club option exercised
200.    Easley, Damion  2B  NYM  NYM  10/31/07  One-year contract
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