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Hot Stove Tracker
 Player  Position  Former Team  New Team  Transaction date  Notes
51.    Miller, Andrew  SP  MIA  BOS  11/12/10  Traded for Dustin Richardson
52.    Okajima, Hideki  RP  BOS  BOS  1/10/11  One-year contract
53.    Ortiz, David  DH  BOS  BOS  11/05/10  Club option exercised
54.    Reyes, Dennys  RP  STL  BOS  2/05/11  Minor league contract
55.    Sutton, Drew  IF  CLE  BOS  11/17/10  Minor league contract
56.    Varitek, Jason  C  BOS  BOS  12/13/10  One-year contract
57.    Wheeler, Dan  RP  TB  BOS  12/20/10  One year with a club option for 2012
58.    Williams, Randy  RP  CWS  BOS  12/16/10  Minor league contract
59.    Bruney, Brian  RP  NYM  CWS  12/02/10  Minor league contract
60.    Castro, Ramon  C  CWS  CWS  10/25/10  Cub option exercised
61.    Crain, Jesse  RP  MIN  CWS  12/20/10  Three-year contract
62.    Dunn, Adam  1B  WSH  CWS  12/03/10  Four-year contract
63.    Gray, Jeff  RP  CHC  CWS  11/23/10  Minor league contract
64.    Konerko, Paul  1B  CWS  CWS  12/08/10  Three-year contract
65.    Lucy, Donny  C  CWS  CWS  11/30/10  Minor league contract
66.    Milledge, Lastings  OF  PIT  CWS  2/03/11  Minor league contract
67.    Ohman, Will  RP  MIA  CWS  1/11/11  Two-year contract
68.    Pierzynski, A.J.  C  CWS  CWS  12/05/10  Two-year contract
69.    Thornton, Matt  RP  CWS  CWS  10/26/10  Club exercised option
70.    Vizquel, Omar  3B  CWS  CWS  11/08/10  One-year contract
71.    Garza, Matt  P  TB  CHC  1/08/11  Traded with Fernando Perez and Zac Rosscup for Chris Archer, Robinson Chirinos, Sam Fuld, Brandon Guyer and Hak-Ju Lee
72.    Johnson, Reed  OF  LAD  CHC  1/17/11  Minor league contract
73.    Moore, Scott  2B  BAL  CHC  11/20/10  Minor league contract
74.    Ojeda, Augie  IF  ARI  CHC  1/27/11  Minor league contract
75.    Pena, Carlos  1B  TB  CHC  12/15/10  One-year contract
76.    Perez, Fernando  CF  TB  CHC  1/08/11  Traded to Cubs in eight-player deal.
77.    Ramirez, Aramis  3B  CHC  CHC  11/04/10  Player option exercised
78.    Scales, Bobby  IF  CHC  CHC  11/29/10  Minor league contract - Released at end of spring training
79.    Wellemeyer, Todd  SP  SF  CHC  1/27/11  Minor league contract
80.    Wood, Kerry  RP  NYY  CHC  1/05/11  One-year contract
81.    Arroyo, Bronson  SP  CIN  CIN  11/03/10  Club exercised option
82.    Cairo, Miguel  IF  CIN  CIN  12/10/10  Two-year contract
83.    Gomes, Jonny  OF  CIN  CIN  11/03/10  Club option exercised
84.    Hermida, Jeremy  OF  OAK  CIN  1/05/11  Minor league contract
85.    Hernandez, Ramon  C  CIN  CIN  11/16/10  One-year contract
86.    Lewis, Fred  OF  TOR  CIN  2/01/11  One-year contract
87.    Renteria, Edgar  SS  SF  CIN  1/14/11  One-year contract
88.    Willis, Dontrelle  SP  SF  CIN  12/03/10  Minor league contract
89.    Buck, Travis  OF  OAK  CLE  1/11/11  Minor league contract
90.    Cabrera, Asdrubal  SS  CLE  CLE  1/17/11  One-year deal to avoid arbitration
91.    Cabrera, Orlando  SS  CIN  CLE  2/25/11  One-year contract
92.    Carlin, Luke  C  CLE  CLE  11/26/10  Minor league contract
93.    Durbin, Chad  RP  PHI  CLE  3/08/11  One-year contract
94.    Everett, Adam  IF  DET  CLE  12/15/11  Minor league contract
95.    Johnson, Nick  DH  NYY  CLE  3/09/11  Minor league contract
96.    Kearns, Austin  OF  NYY  CLE  1/05/11  One-year contract
97.    Mathis, Doug  RP  TEX  CLE  1/05/11  Minor league contract - Released at end of spring training
98.    Alfonzo, Eliezer  C  SEA  COL  1/26/11  Minor league contract
99.    Colome, Jesus  RP  TEX  COL  2/16/11  Minor league contract
100.    De La Rosa, Jorge  SP  COL  COL  12/05/10  Two years with a player option for 2013 and a club option for 2014
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