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Hot Stove Tracker
 Player  Position  Former Team  New Team  Transaction date  Notes
251.    Kennedy, Adam  2B  WSH  SEA  1/13/11  Minor league contract
252.    Laffey, Aaron  RP  CLE  SEA  3/02/11  Traded for Matt Lawson and cash
253.    Langerhans, Ryan  OF  SEA  SEA  12/21/10  Minor league contract
254.    Miller, Justin  RP  LAD  SEA  11/17/10  Minor league contract
255.    Olivo, Miguel  C  COL  SEA  1/03/11  Two years with a club option for 2013
256.    Ray, Chris  RP  SF  SEA  2/03/11  One-year contract
257.    Seddon, Chris  RP  SEA  SEA  11/23/10  Minor league contract
258.    Smith, Chris  RP  MIL  SEA  11/24/10  Minor league contract
259.    Wright, Jamey  RP  SEA  SEA  2/12/11  Minor league contract
260.    Banks, Josh  SP  HOU  SF  1/17/11  Minor league contract
261.    Burrell, Pat  OF  SF  SF  12/05/10  One-year contract
262.    Daigle, Casey  RP  HOU  SF  12/22/10  Minor league contract
263.    Huff, Aubrey  1B  SF  SF  11/23/10  Two years with a club option for 2013
264.    Mota, Guillermo  RP  SF  SF  1/15/11  Minor league contract
265.    Stewart, Chris  C  SD  SF  12/22/10  Minor league contract
266.    Suppan, Jeff  SP  MIL  SF  2/09/11  Minor league contract
267.    Tejada, Miguel  SS  SD  SF  12/02/10  One-year contract
268.    Berkman, Lance  1B  NYY  STL  12/05/10  One-year contract
269.    Laird, Gerald  C  DET  STL  12/15/10  One-year contract
270.    Punto, Nick  IF  MIN  STL  1/06/11  One-year contract
271.    Snell, Ian  SP  SEA  STL  1/14/11  Minor league contract
272.    Tallet, Brian  RP  TOR  STL  12/01/10  One-year contract
273.    Theriot, Ryan  2B  LAD  STL  11/30/10  Traded for Blake Hawksworth
274.    Valdes, Raul  RP  NYM  STL  11/23/10  Minor league contract
275.    Westbrook, Jake  SP  STL  STL  11/16/10  Two-year contract with mutual option for 2013
276.    Carter, Chris  OF  NYM  TB  1/04/11  Minor league contract
277.    Cruz, Juan  RP  KC  TB  2/03/11  Minor league contract
278.    Damon, Johnny  OF  DET  TB  2/07/11  One-year contract
279.    Farnsworth, Kyle  RP  KC  TB  1/17/11  One year with a club option for 2012
280.    Fuld, Sam  RF  CHC  TB  1/08/11  Traded to Rays in eight-player deal.
281.    Inglett, Joe  OF  MIL  TB  2/18/11  Minor league contract - Traded to Astros at end of spring training
282.    Kotchman, Casey  1B  SEA  TB  1/31/11  Minor league contract
283.    Lopez, Felipe  IF  BOS  TB  2/02/11  Minor league contract
284.    Peralta, Joel  RP  WSH  TB  12/17/10  One-year contract
285.    Ramirez, Manny  DH  CWS  TB  2/07/11  One-year contract
286.    Barden, Brian  SS  MIA  TEX  12/18/10  Minor league contract
287.    Beltre, Adrian  3B  BOS  TEX  1/05/11  Six-year contract
288.    Bush, Dave  SP  MIL  TEX  1/30/11  Minor league contract
289.    Cash, Kevin  C  BOS  TEX  11/16/10  Minor league contract
290.    German, Esteban  IF  TEX  TEX  11/23/10  Minor league contract
291.    Napoli, Mike  C  LAA  TEX  1/25/11  Traded to Blue Jays with Juan Rivera for Vernon Wells, then traded for Frank Francisco
292.    O'Day, Darren  P  TEX  TEX  1/23/11  Signed one-year deal to avoid arbitration.
293.    Rhodes, Arthur  RP  CIN  TEX  1/03/11  One year with a club option for 2012
294.    Tateyama, Yoshinori  RP  ---  TEX  12/02/10  One year with club options for 2012 and 2013
295.    Torrealba, Yorvit  C  SD  TEX  11/30/10  Two-year contract
296.    Treanor, Matt  C  TEX  TEX  12/14/10  One-year contract
297.    Dotel, Octavio  RP  COL  TOR  1/05/11  One year with a club option for 2012
298.    Encarnacion, Edwin  3B  TOR  TOR  12/16/10  Claimed off waivers by Athletics, non-tendered then signed for one year with a club option for 2012
299.    Francisco, Frank  RP  TEX  TOR  1/25/11  Traded for Mike Napoli
300.    Frasor, Jason  RP  TOR  TOR  11/30/10  One year with a club option for 2012
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