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Kevin Slowey and Joe Mauer celebrate the Twins' shutout victory on June 30. (AP)
AL reigns supreme in Interleague action
Interleague Play wrapped up with the American League claiming a prominent 149-103 advantage over the National League. The Twins were the big winners, finishing 14-4 against the Senior Circuit, while the Mets claimed a 4-2 Subway Series win and the White Sox swept the Cubs.
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 American LeagueW-LBAHRRUNSERA
 Baltimore Orioles11-7.27723964.20
 Boston Red Sox11-7.28227923.64
 Chicago White Sox12-6.293301033.42
 Cleveland Indians6-12.24717694.47
 Detroit Tigers13-5.30624933.79
 Kansas City Royals13-5.281171013.68
 L.A. Angeles of Anaheim10-8.26011733.09
 Minnesota Twins14-4.28115982.44
 New York Yankees10-8.26518894.08
 Oakland Athletics10-8.24215733.49
 Seattle Mariners9-9.28610833.96
 Tampa Bay Rays12-6.29023983.21
 Texas Rangers10-8.27027994.04
 Toronto Blue Jays8-10.26419824.22
 National League W-LBAHRRUNSERA
 Arizona Diamondbacks6-9.2087434.67
 Atlanta Braves8-7.26912643.38
 Chicago Cubs6-9.28718715.20
 Cincinnati Reds9-6.23217544.20
 Colorado Rockies7-8.27416613.79
 Florida Marlins5-10.23918685.32
 Houston Astros7-11.26116694.81
 Los Angeles Dodgers5-10.2149443.92
 Milwaukee Brewers7-8.25130724.47
 New York Mets9-6.27419814.13
 Philadelphia Phillies4-11.22015574.60
 Pittsburgh Pirates6-9.25117736.43
 St. Louis Cardinals7-8.28820694.05
 San Diego Padres3-15.25017594.90
 San Francisco Giants6-12.2456674.44
 Washington Nationals8-10.25115624.31