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Vladimir Guerrero is among a select few who choose not to wear batting gloves.
Vladimir Guerrero is among a select few who choose not to wear batting gloves. (Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP)
Though batting gloves have become the norm, some players still buck the trend and prefer the feel of bare hands on their lumber, a nod to some of the game's legends.  Full story >

Deford spins another baseball tale
Drawing on nearly a half century of sports writing, "The Entitled" is Frank Deford's ninth novel and his 16th book.Author Frank Deford's "The Entitled: A Tale of Modern Baseball" uses America's favorite pastime as the backdrop to a story tackling the subject of modern celebrity and the supposition of "entitlement" that accompanies those in that social strata.   More >

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After grabbing the final out of the inning, Mike Cameron tries to flip ball to kid, but an adult fan snatches it.   400K
It rained money during the Orioles-Padres game at San Diego's PETCO Park on June 21.   400K
Red Sox announcers Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo give a play-by-play account of a "Sox Appeal" date taking place during the Rockies-Red Sox game.   400K
A foul ball falls into a woman's beer cup at Yankee Stadium, and like a true gamer, she takes a sip with the ball in the cup.   400K
A center fielder in the Mexican League loses his glove but still catches a deep drive barehanded.   400K
The Cubs circle the mound, but let the pop fly drop against the Brewers.   400K
Red Sox announcer Jerry Remy rocked the booth at Fenway Park with his air guitar before taking a spill.   400K