Early indications of Steroid Use in Baseball (1988 to August 1998) - Section IV, pages 60-76
Three of the four players named in Section IV admitted steroid use: Ken Caminiti, Jose Canseco and Wally Joyner.
Location in Mitchell Report
Ken Caminiti pages 71-73
Jose Canseco pages 61-66
Lenny Dykstra pages 66-67
Wally Joyner page 73

Androstenedione and Baseball's Broadening Awareness of the Use of Performance Enhancing Substances - Section V, pages 77-85
A bottle of androstenedione, a steroid hormone legally sold as a dietary supplement in the U.S. at the time and not prohibited by baseball, was discovered in Mark McGwire's locker in St. Louis. He was also accused of using steroids in Oakland by former teammate Jose Canseco. In 2004, it was announced Derrick Turnbow tested positive for steroids during training camp for the U.S. Olympic team.
Location in Mitchell Report
Mark McGwire pages 77-85
Derrick Turnbow page 130

Incidents Providing Evidence to Baseball Officials of Players' Possession or Use of Performance Enhancing Substances, Section VI, pages 86-111
A number of incidents, beginning in 2000, were reported to the Commissioner's Office. According to the Mitchell Report, many incidents were not investigated thoroughly or at all.
Location in Mitchell Report
Manny Alexander pages 91-92
Ricky Bones pages 92-94
Alex Cabrera pages 94-95
Paxton Crawford pages 111
Juan Gonzalez pages 95-99
Jason Grimsley pages 106-108
Rafael Palmeiro pages 103-106
David Segui pages 110

Major League Baseball and the BALCO Investigation, Section VII, pages 112-137
Several players were implicated in testimony leaked in the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative (BALCO) investigation and the subsequent book "Game of Shadows" written by two San Francisco Chronicle reporters studying the case.
Location in Mitchell Report
Marvin Bernard pages 127-128
Barry Bonds pages 128-130
Bobby Estalella page 130
Jason Giambi pages 131-133
Jeremy Giambi pages 133-134
Armando Rios pages 113
Benito Santiago pages 134-135
Gary Sheffield pages 135-137
Randy Velarde pages 137

Information Obtained Regarding Other Players' Possession or Use of Steroids and Human Growth Hormone, Section VIII, pages 138-233
Kirk Radomski, a bat boy, equipment manager and clubhouse attendant for the New York Mets from 1985-95, provided Mitchell's committee with players' names as part of his plea bargain with the federal government in the case against the BALCO. In addition, Radomski provided mailing receipts of shipments as well as checks and money orders from players, all included in the report. New York Yankees major league strength and conditioning coach Brian McNamee provided extensive context as well.
Location in Mitchell Report
Chad Allen pages 225-227
Mark Bell pages 219-220
Gary Bennett pages 222-223
Larry Bigbie pages 152-158
Kevin Brown pages 214-217
Mike Carreon pages 163-164
Jason Christiansen page 205
Howie Clark pages 228-229
Roger Clemens pages 167-175
Jack Cust page 159
Brendan Donnelly pages 224-225
Chris Donnells pages 190-194
Lenny Dykstra pages 149-150
Matt Franco page 165
Ryan Franklin page 190
Eric Gagne pages 217-219
Jason Grimsley pages 177-179
Jerry Hairston Jr. pages 207-208
Matt Herges pages 221-222
Phil Hiatt pages 194-195
Glenallen Hill pages 183-185
Todd Hundley pages 163-164
Mike Judd pages 230-232
David Justice pages 181-182
Chuck Knoblauch page 177
Tim Laker pages 159-161
Mike Lansing pages 196-197
Paul Lo Duca pages 208-211
Nook Logan page 229
Josias Manzanillo pages 161-163
Cody McKay pages 197-198
Kent Merker pages 198-199
Bart Miadich pages 212-213
Hal Morris pages 164-165
Daniel Naulty pages 232-233
Denny Neagle pages 187-188
Jim Parque pages 223-224
Andy Pettitte pages 175-176
Adam Piatt pages 199-201
Todd Pratt page 195
Stephen Randolph pages 206-207
Adam Riggs pages 211-212
Brian Roberts page 158
David Segui pages 150-152
F.P. Santangelo pages 182-183
Mike Stanton pages 205-206
Ricky Stone pages 230-232
Miguel Tejada pages 201-204
Mo Vaughn pages 186-187
Ron Villone pages 188-190
Fernando Vina pages 213-214
Rondell White pages 165-167
Jeff Williams pages 227-228
Todd Williams page 194
Kevin Young pages 195-196
Gregg Zaun pages 179-181

The Threat Posed by Internet Sales of Steroids and Human Growth Hormone - Section VIII, pages 234-257
Since the initial reports of a 2007 raid on Signature Compounding Pharmacy in Orlando, Fla., and several rejuvenation centers, news reports have linked the names of several current and former players to performance-enhancing drugs.
Location in Mitchell Report
Rick Ankiel pages 243-244
David Bell pages 244-245
Paul Byrd pages 245-246
Jose Canseco pages 246-247
Jay Gibbons pages 247-248
Troy Glaus pages 248-249
Jason Grimsley page 249
Jose Guillen pages 249-251
Jerry Hairston Jr. page 251
Darren Holmes pages 251-252
Gary Matthews Jr. pages 252-253
John Rocker page 254
Scott Schoeneweis pages 254-255
Ismael Valdez page 255
Matt Williams pages 255-256
Steve Woodward page 257