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use" and "[t]heoretically, a baseball player could keep a bottle of steroids in his locker in the clubhouse and eat them during interviews").191

Fay Vincent, who served as Commissioner from September 1989 to September 1992, said years later that he was "wrong not to jump all over the steroids issue":

There were signs. There were rumors. We all heard about Canseco. But the baseball world – and I was one of them – thought steroids was a football problem, not a baseball problem. We were totally wrong.192

In hindsight, Vincent told me that he failed to notice the emergence of steroids because he was focused on cleaning up the problem of cocaine use by major league players.193

In 2005, after Canseco's memoir Juiced was published, former Oakland manager Tony La Russa told "60 Minutes Wednesday" that when Canseco played for Oakland he "would laugh about the time that other guys were spending [in the gym] and how he didn't have to, because he was, he was doing the other ‘helper.' He was having help in a different way. You know, the easy way."194

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that La Russa said that when Canseco got his contract, "he changed. He'd talk about the juice, and others would talk to him about his health."195 La Russa also reportedly said that in 1990 or 1991, Canseco "stopped

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