The Mitchell Report

Even while providing these explanations of their prior statements, both La Russa and McKay acknowledged that they had suspected Canseco of using steroids when he was playing with Oakland. McKay said: "It just got to the point where you knew he [used them]." Neither La Russa nor McKay shared their concerns with the Oakland front office, however. According to La Russa, "I thought, what's the use? So I didn't say anything."

Former Oakland general manager Sandy Alderson strongly denied a statement in the book Juicing the Game that "[b]y 1992, even Alderson thought Canseco was a steroid user." Alderson had been familiar with the incidents reported in the media, but he still did not believe at the time that Canseco was using steroids and did not look into it. Alderson did, at one point, consider testing one or two players for steroids, possibly including Canseco (but, Alderson made clear, not Mark McGwire). The club obtained testing equipment and arranged for a testing laboratory, but the idea was abandoned out of a concern that the testing would violate baseball's collective bargaining agreement. Canseco was traded to the Texas Rangers in 1992 but, according to Alderson, not out of any concern relating to his alleged involvement with steroids.

B. Lenny Dykstra Evokes Suspicions of Steroid Use

As with Jose Canseco, Philadelphia Phillies center fielder Lenny Dykstra was the subject of several articles speculating about his possible use of steroids.199 The first appeared at the start of the 1990 season, when Dykstra credited "real good vitamins" for adding 30 pounds of muscle to his frame during the off-season. Similar articles appeared early in 1991 and after a break-out season in 1993.200 During our investigation, Philadelphia's then-general manager Lee

199 Dykstra's name would come up years later in connection with a government investigation of Kirk Radomski. See infra at 149-50.

200 See Rick Hummel and Dan O'Neil, Cox Hopes to Be Back in Month . . . Says 25 Starts Are Possible This Season, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Apr. 16, 1990, at 4C; Ray Ratto, Opponents Sense Giants Out-of-Kilter Rosen, Craig Suddenly Have Been Forced to Patch Roster with