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Federation to serve as a trainer for the Dominican Republic national team during the inaugural World Baseball Classic in spring 2006, which included on its roster a number of players and coaches from Major League Baseball.

F. Bullpen Catcher Admits to Supplying Steroids to Eight Major League Players, September 2002

On September 26, 2002, during a game against the Florida Marlins at Montreal's Olympic Stadium, Montreal's bullpen catcher Luis Perez asked a Marlins clubhouse attendant if he would carry a duffel bag back to Florida for him. The Marlins employee, who knew Perez from his previous tenure as a bullpen catcher with the Marlins, agreed. Perez later delivered a large padlocked duffel bag to be included with the Marlins luggage. Marlins equipment manager John Silverman was suspicious because of the padlock and directed that the bag be opened. When it was (using a combination that Perez provided), Silverman and the clubhouse attendant discovered a box coated on the inside with pine tar that contained two plastic packages amounting to one pound of marijuana.

The Montreal police were called. That evening, Perez was interviewed by telephone by Kevin Hallinan, the Commissioner's senior vice president for security, and other baseball officials, who advised that "the legal process should take its course and that [security] would contact him once the authorities were completed with their work." Montreal police interviewed Perez and arrested him for possession of marijuana. Perez ultimately received a $5,000 fine for the violation.

After the criminal process had ended, Hallinan and his deputy, Martin Maguire, traveled to Miami to interview Perez. Perez explained that during his time as a bullpen catcher for the Florida Marlins, between 1998 until 2001, two players asked if he could obtain steroids for them. After he was successful in doing so, word spread and he became a source for players