The Mitchell Report

credibility, or to otherwise corroborate his statements, I have not identified the players for whom Perez allegedly obtained steroids, with one exception discussed later in this report.

Although no players were interviewed about their alleged involvement with steroids or other drugs after the Perez interview, the players identified by Perez were evaluated by Dr. Millman and Dr. Solomon, and thereafter those players were subjected to "reasonable cause" drug tests. The tests were conducted long after the allegations were made. None of the players tested positive for the use of performance enhancing substances.

G. Infielder Disciplined For Steroids Shipment, July 2004

In early June 2004, an athletic trainer for a minor league team opened a package addressed to the team from another, affiliated team in the minor leagues. Inside he found a pair of slightly worn shoes in which were packed batting gloves and a pair of socks. Wrapped inside one of the socks was a vial containing a white, milky substance that was labeled in Spanish. The trainer reported the discovery to the front office of his team's major league affiliate, which determined through a test that the substance was stanozolol (Winstrol), an anabolic steroid.

The major league club immediately contacted their outside lawyer. He conducted an investigation of the incident in which he concluded that the substance had been shipped by Player X, a minor league player who was on the major league club's 40-man roster at the time. (After the incident but before this investigation began, a settlement agreement was reached among the Commissioner's Office, the major league club, and the Players Association, under which we are not permitted to identify Player X in this report).