The Mitchell Report

In an article in 2006, a similar story was recounted by Paxton Crawford, a pitcher who was on the roster of the Boston Red Sox in 2000 and 2001. Crawford admitted to using steroids and human growth hormone while with the Red Sox. He described an incident in which syringes he had wrapped in a towel were spilled onto the floor of the Red Sox clubhouse, which he said caused laughter among his teammates.291 Crawford declined our request for an interview, saying that he did not "do that stuff anymore," that he was sorry he had used those substances in the past and that he just wanted to be left alone. In the course of this investigation, we interviewed 23 individuals who are, or had been, affiliated with the Red Sox organization including 6 persons who were with the Red Sox at the time of the reported events. While some said that they had suspicions about Crawford's use of steroids when he was a player, no one could recall the incident that Crawford recounted in the article.

At the end of the 2004 season, a clubhouse employee was cleaning out the Detroit Tigers locker room when he found a black toiletry kit that was locked. He and another Tigers employee opened the bag and found unused syringes and vials that they determined were anabolic steroids. They did not report the incident. The employee said that he could not remember who the bag belonged to.

291 Paxton Crawford, "It's Like Playing with Fire," ESPN The Magazine, June 20, 2006; Associated Press, Crawford Comes Clean,, June 22, 2006.