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Greg Maddux
Maddux extends competitive passion off field

By Doug Miller /

Greg Maddux is a baseball legend, a no-doubt future Hall of Famer.

He could live anywhere he wants in the United States.

The Dodgers starter chooses Las Vegas, and it isn't for the casinos, all-you-can-eat buffets or amusement park rides. He went to high school at Valley High in the city and still lives in the neighborhood in which he grew up with his brother, Mike, a former big league pitcher who's now the pitching coach for the Milwaukee Brewers.

And one of the games you can play during the baseball offseason in Las Vegas is also one of the things Greg Maddux loves the most: golf.

Maddux has a resume with four straight Cy Young Awards, a string of at least 15 wins in 17 consecutive seasons, 355 career victories and counting, and 17 Gold Gloves with a possible 18th on the way.

But he's also proud of these numbers: 3.2, his golf handicap index, and 61, his ranking in last year's "Golf Digest" list of top athlete golfers.

Drop by Spring Training next year, and odds are, you'll catch the 42-year-old heading straight from the shower, slipping into his spikes and hitting the golf course -- for 36 holes.

As a star athlete and celebrity, Maddux is in the enviable position of playing on the greatest, most exclusive courses in Vegas and worldwide.

Age: 42

Born: San Angelo, Texas

School: Valley High School (Nev.)

MLB Teams:

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His wife used to play, his young son plays, and he often tees it up with his brother, Mike. The two have a lot in common -- "hobbies, beliefs, sense of humor," Greg told -- which works well on the golf course.

"I would say it's the same book, different covers," Mike explained. "You might think he's more serious than me, but get to know both of us, and we're a lot alike. Maybe I'm more extroverted than he is."

On the course, they're competitive, not overly so, as stipulations include the winner giving the loser a "wedgie," as was often the case when they were growing up.

But Greg can get serious when it comes to golf, too.

His solid game was on display for a good cause in July, when he teamed up with noted swing coach Butch Harmon to host the Maddux-Harmon Celebrity Invitational in Las Vegas for the eighth time.

"Our foundation's mission is to lend support to many worthy charities across our nation, many of them aimed at helping children," Maddux said. "This tournament is one valuable component to our fundraising efforts."

Amen to that, and keep on hitting 'em straight, Mad Dog.

Doug Miller is a senior writer for This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.